Accelerate Communication with our Windows Snipping Tool

The CloudApp Windows snipping tool allows users to quickly snap a screenshot, or snippet, of any object on their screen. Harness the power of CloudApp to capture, edit and send screenshots with a seamless process that integrates with your team’s favorite apps.
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CloudApp's Windows snipping tool is available for PC, Windows, and Chrome. To get started, simply access the app from GetCloudApp or from the Microsoft Windows Store, register for a free account, install and start snipping.
Downloading the CloudApp snipping tool is quick and easy. Simply download the app from GetCloudApp, access it from the Mac Store or if you have a PC, from the Microsoft Windows Store. To get started, you should first register for an account, download the app, then install it on your machine and start snipping.
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Accelerate Communication with our Windows Snipping Tool

When working at the enterprise level, you have to work fast to keep up. Your team should be constantly searching for new methods to increase it’s efficiency and processes. Many communication leaders have already discovered the power of explaining through imagery. A quick screenshot can convey the points of a 1,000-word email in seconds. CloudApp’s Window snipping tool further streamlines your communication by providing snipping, screen recording, and sharing all within one application. Simply snip, record and send.

Build Momentum with Snipping Annotation

By capturing a section of your screen with our snipping tool, you will be able to convey intricate details with others in seconds. To further enhance the power of your screenshots you can use a CloudApp’s wide range of editing and annotation features. Bring attention to a figure with a circle or quickly explain a picture with an overlying line of text. All of these annotation tools are available within the app right at your fingertips. Stop juggling between multiple windows and start communicating at the speed of sight.

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Send and Share Secure Content Instantly

Whether you are capturing a screenshot or a webcam recording, sharing the file should be simple and fast. Most snipping tools add an extra step to the process by sending your recordings to a download folder or desktop. When you capture an image with CloudApp, your content is stored securely in the cloud keeping your computer clutter-free. Easily send your screenshot with the automatically generated link or use the in-app integrated options such as Google Docs, Slack, JIRA, Trello, or Zendesk.

Get Started with CloudApp's Windows Snipping Tool

To capture a screenshot using our Windows App, follow these steps:

  • Download and install CloudApp
  • Through your web browser’s download folder, select and download the CloudApp.msi file
  • If CloudApp does not immediately open, search for and select “CloudApp” through the main Windows 10 menu
  • Create an account when prompted and enjoy a free 14-day trial
  • Choose from “camera,” “GIF”, and “HD” icons to create screenshots, GIFs or videos
  • Click and drag on your screen to select the area that will be included in the screenshot
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Supercharge Your Experience with Shortcuts

Windows users love increasing their productivity with a full list of shortcuts. Here is how you can use and customize the keyboard shortcuts on your PC:

  • Use the preference menu by right-clicking on the CloudApp icon to set the keyboard hotkeys that lets you start video recording
  • Press the keyboard shortcut ‘Alt + Shift + 6’ to capture a section of your screen to start recording
  • Use the same steps as above, or go into the preferences to set new shortcuts

Stay up to Speed with a Free Trial

Over 2 million professionals across the globe are using CloudApp to work faster and smarter than ever before. It’s time to realize that the future won’t wait around for your business. If you want to accelerate your growth, you need to put the right tools in place. CloudApp is a powerhouse for any enterprise teams that adopt it and we want to show you what all the fuss is about. Register for CloudApp today and enjoy a 14-day free trial that will give you a glimpse of true speed.

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