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Weekly Team Meetings with CloudApp

Are you ready to take your team meetings to the next level? Weekly team meetings with CloudApp mean more engaging and productive meetings. CloudApp makes it simple to create visual aids to keep your team engaged and foster collaboration. Amaze your team at your next team meeting with a great GIF, screen recording, or annotated screenshot created with CloudApp.

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CloudApp’s Screen Recorder is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Chrome. Downloading the tool is quick and easy. Simply download the app above, access it from the Apple Store for Mac and iOS, for PC from the Microsoft Windows Store, or go to the Chrome Web Store and add the extension to Chrome.

The Visual Communication Tool Revolutionizing Team Meetings

We’ve all been in meetings that should’ve been an email. In fact, 1 in 4 office workers list meetings as their biggest time waster. Sometimes, people may not consider who really needs to be in a meeting. A few people participate, while others are simply daydreaming of all the other tasks they could be working on. Meetings can also be expensive if you’re paying for the wages of people who don’t actually need to be there. 

However, great managers know that meetings can be one of the most effective tools to help your team collaborate, brainstorm, and much more. However, all this is contingent on running a productive meeting.

Ensuring your team has the right communication tools means empowering them to hold better meetings or skip the meeting altogether, saving your company time and money. One of the best tools for weekly team meetings is CloudApp. Creating visuals to help you articulate your points has never been easier. 

With CloudApp, your team can quickly create screenshots, GIFs, and screen recordings with the option of simultaneously recording yourself. They can easily annotate visuals with text, shapes, and even emojis. After creating a form of content, a shareable link is automatically copied to your clipboard. This means no more scrounging around in your files to find your most recent screenshot. CloudApp also securely stores your content in the cloud, meaning no upload or download wait times, and no cluttering up your device’s hard drive. It’s available on almost every device and free – so anyone on your team can use it.

Skip the meeting, send a video instead

According to OwlLabs, 58% of employees struggle to stay focused during meetings. Say goodbye to dull, unproductive meetings by using CloudApp to quickly create stunning visuals. Visual communication tools like CloudApp can help your team stay engaged and move through meetings more efficiently.

Visual communication can help you run a meeting that fosters team collaboration. In fact, more than 1 in 2 office workers say they would collaborate more if done visually. 

And CloudApp can help.

For instance, CloudApp allows you to take a screenshot and annotate it quickly if you’re in a remote meeting or in person. You could do this while sharing your screen or prepare visuals ahead of time for use in a PowerPoint, Google Doc, or whatever you’ve organized your meeting agenda into.

The same can be said for GIFs or screen recordings. Quickly create content to show instead of telling everyone in your meeting. It’ll help keep your peers more engaged and help you communicate your points more effectively. 

Asynchronous communication to save you time.

As more and more businesses move to a remote model, asynchronous communication is predicted to be the future. With co-workers (and clients) working in different timezones at different parts of the day, asynchronous meetings mean you can have all the benefits of a typical live meeting without needing to coordinate a specific time with everyone. 

That’s right; everyone doesn’t need to be in the meeting at the same time. And with CloudApp, asynchronous meetings are made not only possible but simple. 

Video and visuals play a quintessential part in supporting asynchronous communication. With CloudApp, you can record your screen while simultaneously using your computer’s camera and microphone. This means you can go over all your meeting content (with great visual aids like annotated screenshots and GIFs, of course) and send it off to your team. They can watch it when it suits their t

ime zone or day – and even skip over the parts that might not be as relevant to them. For one-on-one meetings, asynchronous meetings could be as simple as sending a quick annotated GIF from CloudApp, demonstrating what you need.

CloudApp: Helping You Skip Unnecessary Meetings

We’ve all been in the dreaded ‘that should have been an email’ meetings. It wasn’t relevant; it took too long as employees got sidetracked, the list goes on. However, what stops employees from sending a simple email instead of hosting another odious meeting? 

Perhaps it’s too much to type out. Or, perhaps, the in-person meeting provides a seemingly more engaging way of getting their point across. 

CloudApp can solve all these issues. Of course, CloudApp can’t replace every single meeting – but it can help you skip some. Instead of writing a long email, why not have employees create a simple desktop recording while simultaneously recording themselves? CloudApp makes this easier than ever and provides a simple shareable link. You’ll thank us when you get to skip the upload time, and your recipients will thank you for not having to download it. 

By sending a quick video instead of hosting a meeting or writing out an email, individuals can watch when they have time, and skip over the parts that may not be as relevant to them. It’s also quicker and more engaging than writing everything out in an email, saving the writer and the recipient’s time.

How to Get Started with CloudApp

CloudApp is the perfect tool for creating client onboarding content. Follow these simple steps to get started: 

For Mac Users:

  1. Download the Mac version of CloudApp.
  2. Select the CloudApp icon in your computer’s menu bar.
  3. Select the type of content you’d like to create. Your options include screen and webcam recordings, GIFs, and annotated images.
  4. Click and drag your mouse over the portion of your screen that you’d like to capture. Then hit “Record” to record a video or GIF, or begin adding annotations.
  5. When your video and/or image is complete, it will automatically be saved to your CloudApp library for safekeeping and future access.

For Windows Users: 

  1. Sign up for CloudApp and download the Windows app
  2. Select the CloudApp icon in your computer’s Quick Launch Icon tray.
  3. In the pop-up menu that appears, select the kind of content you want to create. Your options include screen and webcam recordings, GIFs, and annotated images.
  4. Click and drag your mouse over the portion of your screen that you’d like to capture. Then hit “Record” to record a video or GIF, or begin adding your annotations.
  5. When your video and/or annotated image is complete, it will automatically be saved to your CloudApp library for safekeeping and future access.

Securely Store and Instantly Share Your Screen Recorded Annotations

One of the best features of CloudApp is storing all your content in the cloud, securely. You don’t want to trust just any company with your content. Trust the solution used by industry leaders like Adobe, Slack, and Facebook. We take the security of your content seriously, which is why the data centers holding all your CloudApp content are securely monitored 24/7. Additionally, there are weekly security protocols and penetration tests conducted. 

You can also share your content instantly with CloudApp. Once you’re finished creating a GIF, screenshot, or screen/video recording, a link is copied to your clipboard. You can send this in a chat, or even embed it with CloudApp’s embed tool. Embedding in an email is easy, simply drag and drop your content from your CloudApp library directly into an email. Since your content is always hosted in the cloud, you won’t have to wait for it to upload (and your recipient won’t have to wait for it to download). 

Visual Communication Tools that Integrate with all Your Team Meeting Apps

Keeping things simple in your team meetings is one of the keys to helping them run smoothly and efficiently. You’ll save time preparing for meetings, but also, any new team members will have an easier time learning your processes for meetings if all your apps work seamlessly together. Besides, having your notes or meeting prep scattered across many different apps can be a disorganized waste of time. That’s why we’ve created integrations for some of the top productivity tools. You and your team can collaborate visually during meetings by sharing images, videos, or GIFs. A few examples include:

  • Take a quick screenshot in a meeting and convert a visual thought into a task with CloudApp’s project management integrations with Atlassian Jira, Asana, or Basecamp. Simply drag and drop from your CloudApp library into a task.
  • Share visual ideas in Slack with CloudApp’s integration. Grab a screenshot of something important in a meeting and share it with your team.
  • Take notes in meetings and add visual content directly into your Zoho Doc, Microsoft Word Document, or Google Doc.

Have more questions? Get in touch or head over to our FAQ.

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