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Video Sharing App

CloudApp is a video sharing app for all operating systems. Record and share video instantly, or capture screenshots and GIFs. Discover an app which increases productivity by up to 300%.

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CloudApp’s Video Sharing App is available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Chrome. Downloading the app is quick and easy. Simply download the app from GetCloudApp above, access it from the Apple Store for Mac and iOS, for PC from the Microsoft Windows Store, or go to the Chrome Webstore and add the extension to Chrome.

Fast and Efficient Video Sharing App

Stop trying to compress videos to send through email. This wastes time, compromises the quality and results in error messages. When you create a video on CloudApp’s video sharing app, it’s instantly upload and stored in the cloud. Share it with an automatically generated link or drag and drop the content into an email. It’s extremely fast and effortless. Communicate your thoughts in a few clicks. The days of waiting for a video to upload are over.

Keep Your Videos Safe in the Cloud

The content you record and share can contain sensitive information. You want to use a video recording app that is extremely secure. CloudApp takes no chances with your data and operates with a multi-tiered security system. All videos are AES-256 encrypted and stored on Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud. Data centers are monitored 24/7 and regular penetration tests are conducted to eliminate any possible threats. When you use CloudApp’s video sharing app, you know your content is safe.

Create GIFS, Snap Screenshots and More

CloudApp is an incredible video sharing app but it’s also a versatile screen recording software tool. Instead of telling your co-workers what you need, show them. CloudApp allows you to capture, edit and send a screenshot with as few as 3 clicks. Customer having an issue with a new feature? Walk them through the solution with a screen capture of your screen. CloudApp allows you to record video with audio at the same time. You can even capture HD screen video while recording with your webcam. GIFs, annotated screenshots, file upload and free cloud storage – CloudApp does it all.

Make Tutorials and Walk-Through Videos With Ease

The human brain is wired to communicate with visual stimuli. By using video tutorial software along with other visual media, you can communicate up to 300% faster. To teach a new concept or solve a problem, a video tutorial is the best solution. CloudApp allows you to create your own video walk-through guide in minutes. Capture crystal clear audio and video. Edit within the app with a few clicks. Instantly share with email, Slack, Facebook or hundreds of other applications. The best video sharing apps provide more options, with fewer headaches. This is what it feels like to work in the cloud.

The Best Video Sharing App for Your Whole Team

CloudApp allows you to become a more effective version of yourself. Regardless of your department, CloudApp will enhance your performance. Marketing professionals can add video to sales emails that increase open rates and revenue. Developers can ship code faster by reviewing and tracking bugs with a screen recording. A designer can highlight creative elements in their product design portfolio with an edited screenshot. From the board of directors to the front line workers, CloudApp elevates your output.

How to Start Sharing Videos on CloudApp

You can start sharing videos in minutes with CloudApp. To begin recording from your screen:

  • Download the app for Mac, Windows, or Chrome Extension
  • In your internet browser, open the CloudApp file in the downloads folder if it doesn’t automatically open
  • Follow the prompts to complete the download, then register for a free account
  • Once the app is installed find the CloudApp icon on your desktop toolbar (if you can’t find the cloud icon, search for CloudApp using your computer’s local search)
  • Within the app, click on the TV icon (top left) and use your mouse to select the portion of your screen you wish to share
  • Hit “Start” to record and “Finish” to end your video
  • To capture screenshots and GIFs, use the snipping tool and mouse to select any portion of your screen
  • To use keyboard shortcuts on Mac, select Cmd+Shift+6 to start video recording, and Cmd+Shift+5 to screenshot
  • For Windows, use keyboard shortcut Alt + Shift + 6 to start video recording, and Alt+Shift+5 to screenshot


Your recorded content is now ready to share with an automatically generated link or through applications such as Facebook and Twitter


Share Your Videos Anywhere

Not only is CloudApp fast, it has no limits. View your content on any computer around the world with your account, including a Chrome Extension accessible in virtually any local machine with Google’s browser installed. Never ruin a presentation again by forgetting a hard drive. Have confidence knowing all of your content is in the cloud, wherever you need it. You can even view and share videos on the go with CloudApp for iPhone. The iOS video sharing app brings a new level of freedom to visual communication. When it comes to video sharing apps for iPhones, CloudApp offers the ultimate solution.

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