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Video Screen Capture

Use CloudApp’s video screen capture tool to share engaging content with teams and clients in near-real time. Learn how ditching the upload can streamline workflow and make it easier to communicate visually.

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Video Screen Capture

When working on complex team projects, effective communication is key and ensures deliverables are completed on time. Video capture software is a simple way for teams in sales, marketing or customer support to work more closely together and save time by using video to collaborate instead of exchanging lengthy emails or trying to interpret annotated edits. Teams further increase efficiency by saving files directly to the cloud or integrating CloudApp directly into their favorite workflow app, web-based software or web service.

Unique Content With Video Capture Software

Now more than ever, people are flooded with inordinate amounts of content. In order to effectively reach and resonate with potential customers and clients, you must cut through the noise. CloudApp’s video capture software brings personality and authenticity to your marketing materials by allowing you to capture and record streaming video and present your product visually. Use it to share content directly from your desktop screen or create custom videos.  

Simple Video Cloud Management

Sharing video, especially large files, can be time consuming and simply, a hassle. CloudApp’s video screen capture app connects directly to the cloud and automatically saves recorded video without going through a secondary platform. Leave uploading and downloading behind you. Once you use video capture to create a file, a link is automatically copied to your personal clipboard, ready for sharing – no additional steps needed.

Capturing On-screen Video On Mac

  • Download and Install CloudApp for Mac
  • Go to the CloudApp icon in your menu bar at the top of right corner of your screen
  • Use the “TV” icon to record a video
  • Click and drag with your mouse to select the area of the screen that you wish to record
  • Select the [ ] icon to record the full screen, and the microphone and video camera icons to add your voice
  • Start recording and click the red “finish” button to stop
  • You can also customize and set your own keyboard shortcuts on your Apple machine

Getting Started With Video Capture On Windows

  • To get started, first download and install CloudApp for Windows
  • Click on the CloudApp icon in your quick launch icon tray at the bottom right side or from the start menu, select CloudApp from the installed programs
  • Select the “HD” icon to create a video
  • Click and drag to choose the area for recording
  • The [ ] icon on the left side of your screen allows you to record the entire screen
  • Start recording and click the “finish” button to stop
  • As with Mac, you can customize keyboard shortcuts for Windows

Try CloudApp Free for 14 Days

Are you losing sales leads because of boring or complicated content? Is your team leaving money on the table because of backed up workflow? Start communicating visually with CloudApp’s video screen capture tools. Try it for free for 14 days by first creating a free CloudApp account. You team and clients will thank you – hopefully with a video.

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