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Using HD Video Recorder

Instantly capture live online or on-screen video in HD with CloudApp’s video recorder app. Learn how to record live video to swiftly streamline communication while working around busy schedules, internally and externally.

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CloudApp’s video recorder app makes it easy to capture HD video directly from your computer screen. Follow these steps to record and share live on-screen or online activity to more effectively connect with your team and clients.

A Video Recorder App That Records Live

Technology and the digitalization of seemingly every aspect of life has instilled an always-on attitude in society. CloudApp’s online video recorder gives you the advantage of never missing a moment of the action by allowing you to record live video directly from your computer screen — even internet videos and third-party webinars.

Never Miss A Meeting With Online Video Recorder

Scheduling for large teams across time zones is tricky. With CloudApp’s video recorder, you can easily record important live meetings, webinars or presentations, so that everyone is always on the same page. When a meeting wraps, CloudApp helps you cut down on unnecessary emails by instantly saving your recording to the cloud for your entire team to access and keep for reference. Learn how to use CloudApp like a pro through this live webinar recording of the app.

Bring Personality To Your Live Videos

Add personality to your live video recording with on-screen annotations or use the webcam feature to add your voice and image to the screen. These custom tools are perfect for creating and recording more dynamic webinars, team calls, interviews or customer support sessions while showing an already live video at the same time.

Sharing Online Video Like A Pro

Can’t get enough of the video recorder app? CloudApp’s Pro users never miss out on live virtual events or video. Regardless of meeting or video length, CloudApp Pro lets you record for an unlimited amount of time – full length feature even — without worrying about having enough storage or upload time. Become a pro and ensure your entire team has instant unlimited access to secure sharing of all your sensitive information.

How to Record Video on a Mac

  1. Download and install CloudApp for MacOS
  2. Click the CloudApp icon located on the Menu Bar at the top of your screen
  3. Click on the TV icon to record HD video
  4. Drag the pop-up snipping tool feature across your screen to select what you want to record
  5. Click the green button to record and the red button to stop

Accessing the Video Recorder Feature on Windows

  1. Download CloudApp for Windows
  2. Select the CloudApp Icon on the taskbar at the bottom of your screen
  3. Choose the TV icon to start recording a live stream in HD video
  4. Use the windows snipping tool by dragging your mouse across your screen and selecting the area to record
  5. Click the blue button to start recording and the red one to finish

Check Out What You’re Missing

Don’t miss out on a live online event or meeting again. Empower your teams and customers with the gift of live HD video recording and sharing. Start spreading the generosity by accessing CloudApp’s video recorder app and registering for a free for 14 day team trial of CloudApp on one of our premium plans (Pro, Team or Business) today. You’ll love it. Your team will love it. We guarantee it.

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