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TechSmith Software Falls Behind While CloudApp Surges Ahead

TechSmith, Snagit or Jing Software all require the other’s features for a holistic screen recording suite. Discover why CloudApp is your all-in-one solution.

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Sharing and editing content from your screen can supercharge your communication. Techsmith software has a few offerings that help in these areas but CloudApp delivers the all-in-one, superior solution.

TechSmith Software Struggles to Keep Up

In the world of tech, you need to move fast and innovate or step aside. TechSmith offers three different products (Snagit, Jing, and Screencast) that all seem to be falling behind. Let’s analyze the capabilities of each program and compare TechSmith to the power of CloudApp.

Snagit Hits a Major Snag

Tech experts understand the incredible efficiency and security benefits that come with operating in the cloud. That’s why CloudApp instantaneously stores all of your files to the cloud, leaving your machines memory free. CloudApp operates in a ‘cloud-first’ world and uses workflow automation to instantly and automatically copy a shareable link to your clipboard so you can share your content at lightning speed by default, with no custom changes needed.

Jing Sharing Should Be Simpler

CloudApp allows users to capture, annotate, and share screen captures with the click of a button. Jing might allow you to take a screenshot but in order to share, you must use another cloud sharing site called Screencast. Jing also limits recording files to a length of 5 minutes. In the race to gain market share, every second counts. Instead of switching between multiple applications, gain an advantage with CloudApp’s all-in-one solution. When choosing your tools, consider the mantra that Steve Jobs lived by. “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”. Download CloudApp to simplify your life.

Screencast Thinks You Have Time to Waste

The future waits for no one. If your team wants to push forward and innovate, you need to fully leverage the power of technology. CloudApp automatically adds screen recordings to the cloud allowing for simple drag and drop sharing. Screencast also only permits collaboration through TechSmith tools. CloudApp integrates directly with all of your favorite programs including Slack, Asana, Trello, and Google Docs. CloudApp wins this round.

CloudApp is The Enterprise Solution

Your data one of your most valuable assets. CloudApp has your back with numerous layers of security. Custom SSL, 265-bit SSL enforcement, authentication and 2FA control gives your team peace of mind. CloudApp users can also set content to self-erase with expiration dates or view counts. A single data breach can literally destroy a company overnight. Take your security seriously with CloudApp Screen Recorder.

Don’t Fall Behind: Powerup with CloudApp

Computing power is nearly doubling every single year. If you are using the tools of yesterday such as Jing or Snagit, your competitors might quickly surpass you. CloudApp helps everyone from developers to designers stay ahead of the curve with team management, custom branding and webhooks. Send your content anywhere you want to after capture with Zapier webhooks, including file storage to Dropbox, social sharing to LinkedIN, or video hosting sites like YouTube or Vidyard. These are features you won’t receive with TechSmith.

Take Visual Communication to the Next Level

Whether you are a large corporation or a solo-entrepreneur, every minute matters. Stop wasting precious moments with outdated systems like TechSmith and join the CloudApp visual communication revolution. Communicating your ideas has never been easier. Just capture, edit and share. This is what innovation feels like. Sign up for a free CloudApp account today!

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