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Screencast for Mac

Techsmith’s Screencast is a content sharing and management tool for their applications. CloudApp knows you need one platform. Here’s what you’re missing out on.

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With more content circulating now than ever before, it’s key to any business strategy to be able to manage and organize it in a shareable manner. Screencast is one of those tools that makes this possible, but CloudApp’s screen recorder takes it a step further.

Techsmith’s Antiquated Screencast Tool

Screencast is an online hosting service that works in conjunction with other Techsmith tools such as Snagit, Jing or Camtasia. It allows users to share video, screen captures and other content with other individuals or teams. While used in conjunction with other tools, it remains completely separate with entirely different pricing.

All-Encompassing Screen Recording and Sharing

While it is essential to have access to a reliable sharing and file storage tools like Screencast, CloudApp’s screen recorder and visual communication features, as well as management capabilities take it to the next level by allowing you to also create GIFs, annotated screenshots, and onscreen video recordings. No separate tool or add-on required.

Upload No More

With Screencast for Mac or Windows, files need to be uploaded by the user and added into Screencast. CloudApp takes care of the file upload for you by automatically adding any screen recording to its cloud storage or allowing for simple drag and drop from any local file or internet image.

App Integrations Outside of CloudApp

CloudApp’s screen recording and content sharing platform works across dozens of different workflow applications including Slack, Trello, Asana, Google Docs, and Zendesk to name a few. In conjunction with CloudApp, these applications help you communicate more effectively between teams and with clients. Screencast limits communication and sharing by only allowing you to create content with in its own Techsmith branded tools.

CloudApp Does That Too - But Better

You won’t miss out on any of Screencast’s content management and sharing capabilities with CloudApp. You’ll only get more. With CloudApp for business enterprise, teams will get the industries best in class features such as enterprise grade security, customer URL sharing, analytics, custom organization and privacy controls on all of your content.

Free Tool with Pricey Storage

Screencast is a free tool but limits its users to 2GB of storage and bandwidth per month. Why pay for an extra storage and sharing tool when you can have content creation, screen capture, sharing, and storage all one platform for the same price or less? Get the same amount of storage plus all the aforementioned capabilities for the same price on any of CloudApp’s team subscription plans. Check out this image for a features and pricing comparison.

Try CloudApp For Free

Once you and your teams try CloudApp you’ll never go back to a simple file storage tool like Screencast. CloudApp can take care of your screen recording, storage, and seamless sharing capabilities instantly with a 14-day free trial. Your workflow will never be the same!

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