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Screen Recorder for PC and Windows

CloudApp delivers a free screen recorder for PC and Windows alternative that is fast & easy to use. Our Windows all-in-one recording software is an all-encompassing tool that instantly increases your efficiency.

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CloudApp’s Screen Recorder for Windows is available for PC, Windows, and Chrome. To get started, simply access the app from above or from the Microsoft Windows Store, register for an account, install and start recording for free.

The Ultimate Screen Recorder for Windows

CloudApp offers the ultimate screen recorder for Windows. This is an all-encompassing tool that instantly increases your efficiency.

Capture Video with PC Screen Recording Software in Seconds

As a busy professional or entrepreneur, your most valuable resource is your time. There is no space on your desktop for complicated tools. CloudApp is a screen recording software for Windows that makes your life easier. Capture stunning HD video from your screen with the click of a button. Recording, editing and sending video doesn’t have to be complex. This software will transform your Windows PC into a communication machine. When it comes to screen recording, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Become More Efficient with Video Tutorials on Windows

Your clients are tired of multi-paragraph emails. Text wastes time and leaves plenty of room for error. A screen recording gets the point across instantly. There is no need for interpretation with a CloudApp’s visual communication solutions. Solve an end-user problem in minutes with a walk-through screen recording. Create your own video tutorial on PC by recording your screen and share the content anywhere with the video embed feature. In the world of tech, seeing is believing. Instead of trying to tell someone what you need, show them with a video.

Free Screen Recorder Software for PC That Does it All

CloudApp allows you to record HD screen recordings, snap screenshots or create your own GIFs. This is a Windows (ver 10 and beyond) tool without limitations. Need to make changes to a design? Use your mouse as a snipping tool to create a screen capture then instantly edit it by adding text, arrows, shapes and emojis. Upload large files or folders with the snap of your fingers. Send a lengthy screen recording video with an automatically generated link. Drag and drop a GIF into an email or embed it into a website. Nothing can hold you back when you employ the power of CloudApp software for Windows.

How to Use this Screen Recorder for Windows

CloudApp doesn’t require a tutorial. It’s intuitive and incredibly easy to use. To begin screen recording on Windows:

  • Step 1: Download CloudApp for Windows
  • Step 2: Through Internet Explorer or your preferred web browser, find and click on the CloudApp.msi file in the downloads folder
  • Step 3: CloudApp should immediately open. If it does not, search for “CloudApp” through your Windows menu
  • Step 4: Register for a free CloudApp account when prompted
  • Step 5: Click on the CloudApp icon in your Windows toolbar and select the TV icon to “Record Your Screen
  • Step 6: Use your mouse to select the area on your screen you wish to record and click the green “Start” button to begin recording.
  • Step 7: Click the red “Finish” button when you are done your video

Your video is now ready to share with an automatically generated short link on your clipboard.

Extremely Secure Screen Recorder for PC and Windows

All content at the enterprise level is sensitive. Allowing your content to be leaked to competitors is not an option. Your customers trust you with their data – act accordingly. CloudApp is the best screen recording software for Windows and PC that puts security first. All videos are instantly stored on Amazon’s Virtual Private Network. The data centers that hold your videos are monitored 24/7. Security protocols are updated weekly with regular penetration tests conducted. Don’t trust a no-name third party recording app with your information. Trust the solution that’s used by industry experts like Facebook, Netflix and Uber.

CloudApp Integrates With All Your PC Tools

Windows users utilize multiple tools to complete their work. CloudApp is a screen recorder that fully integrates with the apps you already trust. Record the screen of your PC and instantly share with coworkers on Slack. Create your own GIF to explain a solution to a customer on Zendesk. Complete an Asana project task with a single screenshot. The future won’t wait for anyone. Accelerate your workflow with CloudApp or risk being left behind.

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