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Downloading the CloudApp snipping tool is quick and easy. Simply download the app from GetCloudApp, access it from the Mac Store or if you have a PC, from the Microsoft Windows Store. To get started, you should first register for an account, download the app, then install it on your machine and start snipping.

Bridging the Gap Between Screen Recording and File Sharing

The world seems to be moving faster today. Everything is happening at the speed of light, and that’s why the slow software solutions can be frustrating for the modern users. Today, there is an application for every process that’s part of a larger project. However, this can slow things down at times. For example, when you record your screen for giving someone instructions, you have to record, save the file on computer, upload it on cloud storage, turn on sharing option and then create a link that you can then share with others. Is there a solution that can bridge the gap between these two processes and make you more productive? Yes, CloudApp is just that—a screen recorder app that bridges the gap between screen recording and file sharing.

The Complete Screen Recording Solution

There are many apps that record your screen but CloudApp aims to make you productive while doing so. Select an entire screen or a specific area on the screen, record it with video and audio, annotate it and share it using the method you are most comfortable with. This feature makes CloudApp the perfect application for the workplace and product marketing. This type of sharing makes you productive as you can come straight to the instructions while showing a video rather than explaining every minor detail and typing it all out—which is much slower and tiring.

At the workplace, it simplifies creating manuals and explaining certain processes to the employees. As for product marketing, it allows companies to explain their products in the most concise manner by simplifying screen capturing and GIF creation. For more traditional tutorials and guides, you can capture images and screenshots.

Editing Made Easy

As soon as you capture a screenshot or GIF, you are ready to use the image annotation features which add enhanced visuals such as arrows, lines, and other shapes to a screenshot or GIF. Additionally, the crop, pixelate, and spotlight options allow sensitive content to be remain secure. You have plenty of tools available for you to highlight certain things, create funny captions or blur any sensitive information that might appear on the screen.

Sharing at the Speed of Light

With so many people on so many different devices, it could become a headache to share your screen recording, screenshots and GIFs, especially when you are sharing your capture with a lot of people at the same time. CloudApp simplifies this process by creating a link and instantly copying it to your clipboard as soon as you capture something and save it. You can even drag and drop the items into your CloudApp to instantly create sharing links.

Furthermore, CloudApp integrates with the best productivity apps, including: SlackSketchTrelloGoogle Docs and more, allowing for instant sharing and more efficient team collaboration.

Faster Than Ever

One thing that many screen recorder app users miss on their applications is keyboard shortcuts. Playing a video and then reaching for the mouse, selecting the screen recording app, clicking on the recording button, etc. is a long process that makes recording short moments difficult. CloudApp gives users more power through customizable, native keyboard shortcuts.

How Will You Benefit from CloudApp?

If you are a frequent user of apps that record your screen, here are some of the major benefits for you for using CloudApp:

  • Ability to create guides, tutorials and explanation videos much more efficiently. 
  • Save time when creating content with keyboard shortcuts and annotation options that appear instantly. 
  • CloudApp brings everything in one place, negating the need to download various applications for recording your screen, capturing screenshots, cloud sharing files, etc. 
  • CloudApp handles virtually any file type, and gets the job done.

For all those amazing benefits and making your life easier, CloudApp has the most affordable subscription plans available. In fact, there is even a FREE account available with cool features. Regardless of the package you pick, you can always try the app for free to get used to it first.

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