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Downloading the CloudApp snipping tool is quick and easy. Simply download the app from GetCloudApp, access it from the Mac Store or if you have a PC, from the Microsoft Windows Store. To get started, you should first register for an account, download the app, then install it on your machine and start snipping.
CloudApp Screenshot and screen capture App

The Number One Screen Capture App

Not all screen captures are created equal. Great screen capture softwares understand that tedious work calls for a better screen capture app. The problem is simple. Sometimes a detail on the screen is difficult to screen capture and made even more challenging by having to switch screens just to get to open a screen capture app. It’s important the taking the screen capture is as easy as possible.

Streamlined Screen Recorder

What makes CloudApp the most streamlined screen capture app is that you never have to close out of your screen, search for your app, or hit 4 hotkeys at once while trying to get the perfect (or hard to capture) shot. The Cloud icon is saved to the top right of your menu bar and a simple point and click takes the screen capture. It automatically saves its own link to your clipboard so it’s ready to share.

While some screen capture apps make it difficult to screen capture video, CloudApp lets you screen capture anything you see on your screen: GIFs, video, images and more. Once you’ve clicked and captured, it’s simple to drag and drop your screenshot into your favorite communication platform without having to fumble with emails, attachments, or even searching your desktop for the latest shot. Simply head to your toolbar and drag the image into your favorite integrated app or email.

Record anything on your screen: GIFs, video, images, with the streamlined CloudApp screen recorder for Mac and Windows
Drag and Drop files with the CloudApp Screen Capture for Mac and Windows Desktops

How to Screen Capture on your Mac and Windows Desktops

There are a couple quick ways you can take a screen capture with CloudApp.

  1. Use the shortcut, "command+shift+5" on Mac, or "alt+shift+5" on Windows
  2. Choose the camera icon when you click on the CloudApp icon in your menu bar - will appear on the top right hand of your screen
  3. When you select the camera option, you’ll be able to point your cursor anywhere and click.
  4. The screen capture is immediately saved to your clipboard with its own link and ready for immediate sharing by either dragging and dropping it into your preferred app, or sharing the link via email, social or Skype.

The best part is that CloudApp keeps your screen captures organized on your clipboard and you can search for any screen capture by text, color, keyword or other attributes.

How to Record Your Screen With Audio On a Mac

Sometimes it’s necessary to explain more context than just a simple screen capture can offer.  While that might sound complicated, it’s simple. CloudApp makes it a breeze to switch between screen captures and screen recordings with the same amount of ease and little effort.

To record your screen with audio:

  1. Click on the CloudApp icon in your menu bar and select the TV icon
  2. Click and drag your cursor to select the recording area
  3. Select the microphone icon on the bottom left corner of your selected area to begin recording audio
  4. Press the green start button to begin
  5. Press the red finish button when you’re done recording
  6. The screen recording will automatically be saved to your clipboard and is ready to be shared!
CloudApp Video Recorder: How to Record Your Screen With Audio On a Mac
Annotate Screenshots, GIFs, and Images

How We Use Our Screen Capture Software

There are endless ways that you can screen capture (and record) with CloudApp. Here are some of our favorite ways to use our screen capture app and save time:

  • Share and create GIFs for both customers and teams
  • Screen capture support tickets and improve clarity with annotation
  • Capture and report bugs
  • Arrange and participate in creative collaborations
  • Communicate with customers
  • Provide quick and detailed feedback
  • Create trainings (screen recording)

Say It Better With CloudApp Screen Capture Software

If you’re still spending hours a day trying to explain everything by email - you could be getting your tasks done 300% faster. There’s no complicated features or software to figure out, just an easy point and click process that doesn’t only capture the perfect screen capture, but organizes and shares your screenshot in an instant. Ready to revolutionize the way you screenshot and share? Hop on over to CloudApp and get started with our screen capture app for free.

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