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CloudApp's recording software that simple and easy to use. The app captures video from your screen in seconds which teams can share instantly via secure short links. Discover an all-in-one solution that captures images, video, webcam, and GIFs up to 300% faster.
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CloudApp's recording software is available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Chrome. Downloading the tool is quick and easy. Simply download the app from GetCloudApp above, access it from the Apple Store for Mac and iOS, for PC from the Microsoft Windows Store, or go to the Chrome Webstore and add the extension to Chrome.
Downloading the CloudApp snipping tool is quick and easy. Simply download the app from GetCloudApp, access it from the Mac Store or if you have a PC, from the Microsoft Windows Store. To get started, you should first register for an account, download the app, then install it on your machine and start snipping.
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Recording Software Unlocks the Power of Your Screen

From sunup to sundown, your most vital information can be found on a screen. Laptops, desktops and smartphones...screens are the medium in which we communicate. In order to be successful, you need to access and share that information quickly. CloudApp’s recording software allows you to capture HD video, create and edit GIFs and annotated screenshots from your screen in a single click. Capture, edit and send. Screen recording doesn't need to be complicated. It needs to be powerful, intuitive and lightning fast. CloudApp instantly elevates your ability to visually communicate.

The Best Recording Software for Teams Also Captures Screenshots and GIFs

Entrepreneurs and creatives have to use countless tools to complete their tasks. You don’t need to download 20 new media apps- you need an all-in-one solution. CloudApp is the best recording software for teams but it is an all-in-one solution and does it all. Capture video, record with your webcam, snap screenshots, annotate images and create your own GIFs. All CloudApp files are instantly stored in the cloud, ready to be accessed anywhere. When searching for recording software, trust the solution that industry leaders such as Amazon, Spotify and Buzzfeed use.

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Create HD Video Tutorials in Minutes

When you have a disgruntled customer, you need to solve their issue fast. Like, yesterday fast. CloudApp’s video recording software allows you to create a walk-through video tutorials in literally minutes. Visually demonstrate every step that is required by recording your screen. A tutorial video that includes a face-to-face explanation with a webcam recording is the ultimate communication tool. Train remote employees on new processes. Show your clients how to use the latest product feature instead of writing another blog post. Explaining complicated details is effortless with CloudApp.

Integrated Screen Recording Software

CloudApp's screen recording software is incredibly easy to use because it is fully integrated with the apps you already trust. Complete a project in Asana or Trello with a single screenshot. While others are explaining a resolution by hammering on their keyboard for ten minutes, you can simply attach your edited screen capture.

Of course CloudApp integrates with the new Adobe XD CC. Both softwares strive to bring efficiency through simplicity. Now sharing proofs with your experience design team is effortless with the Adobe XD plugin. Simple send an automatically generated link and forget about trying to share large psd files.

Struggling to get your customers attention on Google Docs? With the CloudApp's Google Docs Add-on you can turn a simple text document into a stunning visual display. An annotated GIF reaches out off the screen and grabs the attention of your viewer. Type less, save time and communicate at the speed of sight.

To explore all of the CloudApp integrations, click HERE.

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How to Record Your Screen With CloudApp

Creating an HD video from the screen of your computer is easy with CloudApp. Downloading the app and getting started only takes a minute. Get started by:

  • Download CloudApp for Mac, Windows, or Linux
  • Through your web browser's download folder, find and click on the CloudApp.msi file
  • Register for a free CloudApp account
  • Find the CloudApp icon on your desktop and click to open the program. If you don’t see the icon type “CloudApp” into your localized search finder on Mac and cortana on Windows.
  • Click the “Record Your Screen” button and select the area on your screen with your cursor that you wish to capture.
  • When you are finished, hit the red “Finish” button
  • To capture screenshots and GIFs, use the snipping tool and mouse to select any portion of your screen
  • To use keyboard shortcuts on Mac, select Cmd+Shift+6 to start video recording, and Cmd+Shift+5 to screenshot
  • For Windows, use keyboard shortcut Alt + Shift + 6 to start video recording, and Alt+Shift+5 to screenshot

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Access Your Screen Recordings Anywhere

CloudApp allows you to sort through and send your videos from anywhere in the world. Show a prospective client a video from your iPhone while abroad. Take a recording or screenshot directly from the Internet with the Google Chrome extension. Log into your CloudApp account from any PC and gain full access to your media collection. Stop being constrained by the location of your laptop and start working from the cloud.

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Creatives, Marketers and Developers All Use Recording Software

Enhancing the speed and efficiency of a single employee can increase profitability by thousands of dollars. Elevating an entire department has exponential potential. This is a recording software tool for every employee from your developers to your designers:

With CloudApp, teams can record video, webcam, capture GIFs, screenshots and edit in seconds.

Save Time Through Visual Communication

Humans are biologically wired to interpret visual cues. 5,000-word emails and lengthy press releases worked great 20 years ago but times have changed. Your audience wants to be excited. They want to be visually stimulated. In the modern era of tech, video is king. If you are not teaching, explaining and selling with screen recordings, your days might be numbered. Don’t become extinct and stay relevant with CloudApp’s powerful visual communication tool.

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Use CloudApp’s Recording Software for Free Today

Every second counts in the race to the top. Your competitors have been working hard while you’ve been reading this article. How will you respond to the market? To be successful today, you need to be fast. Register for a free CloudApp account today and pour some rocket fuel onto your workflow.

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