Learn About CloudApp's Content Updating Feature

Did you know that you can update the content your CloudApp links connect to? It's true! In this short article, we detail the process for you. Don't worry, it's quick and easy — just like using every other aspect of using CloudApp.
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CloudApp is available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Chrome. Downloading the software is quick and easy. Simply download the app above, access it from the Apple Store for Mac and iOS, for PC from the Microsoft Windows Store, or go to the Chrome Webstore and add the extension to Chrome.
Downloading the CloudApp snipping tool is quick and easy. Simply download the app from GetCloudApp, access it from the Mac Store or if you have a PC, from the Microsoft Windows Store. To get started, you should first register for an account, download the app, then install it on your machine and start snipping.
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Learn About CloudApp's Content Updating Feature

 Have you ever wondered if you could update content in CloudApp links? Maybe you no longer wish someone to have access to the content. Perhaps you just don't want to bombard your recipients with dozens of different links, preferring to send them one link and overwrite the content it connects them to when needed. Whatever your reasons, we're about to show you how to update shareable link on CloudApp!

How to Update CloudApp Link

Ready to updating content in CloudApp links? You've come to the right place! Just follow the five steps below and you'll have your links updated in no time.

Step #1: First, make sure that CloudApp is installed on your computer. If it isn't, you can download it here for Mac devices or here for Windows devices.

Step #2: Locate the CloudApp icon on your computer. Mac users will find it in the upper right-hand corner of their screens, in the menu bar. Windows users, on the other hand, should make their way to the Quick Launch Icon tray at the bottom left of their screens.

Step #3: Click the CloudApp icon. In the menu that appears, select the "Drops" menu and find the specific piece of content that you want to update. Then click the three-dot symbol at the bottom right corner of it. A second menu will appear. Click the "Overwrite File" option.

Step #4: Double click the file you want to edit and CloudApp will automatically add it to your Drops library. At this time, CloudApp links can only be overwritten with files located on the current device of use. Meaning, you won't be able to update content in CloudApp links using content stored in a digital storage app such as Dropbox. 

Step #5: Click on your computer's CloudApp icon again and navigate back to the "Drops" tab to see your updated content. Congratulations! Now you know exactly how to update shareable link on CloudApp.

The steps to updating CloudApp links
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Become More Productive

 CloudApp has been proven to make marketing, sales, design, and customer support teams more productive. Our solution's visual communication tools allow users to create and send amazing content in just a few clicks. But this ease of use is a two-edged sword: what if you create and send so much content, it becomes difficult to sift through the numerous links and find specific pieces when needed? When you learn how to update shareable links on CloudApp, you'll minimize this problem. Rather than constantly sending your recipients individual links, you can send them one link and then update the content it connects to as needed. This will save your entire team time and ensure high productivity levels.

Maintain Complete Security

 In the digital age, security breaches are always a risk. CloudApp helps to negate these risks by allowing our users to update content in CloudApp links. Links sent and used by past employees, external partners, and even customers can be overwritten so that important company information never falls into the wrong hands.

With CloudApp, secure sharing is guaranteed
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CloudApp Fits Perfectly Into Any Workflow

Once your CloudApp links have been overwritten, you might want to share them with others. Fortunately, CloudApp integrates with many other popular tools such as Slack, Trello, Asana, and Google Docs. Simply drag and drop your links into any of these applications to send them to whomever you wish — it's that easy.

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 If you haven't started using CloudApp yet, we just have one question for you: what are you waiting for? Download our powerful visual communication tool today and get access to screen and webcam recording, GIF creation, and image annotation features immediately! Then send your content to friends, family, and colleagues with CloudApp's simple link sharing capabilities — links that you can overwrite at any time as demonstrated above.

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