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Free Online Design Tool

CloudApp’s online design tool allows design and product professionals, to create and share high-quality visuals, collaborating throughout the entire creative creation process.

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CloudApp’s online design tool is available for Mac, Windows, Chrome and Linux. Downloading is quick and easy. Access the app from GetCloudApp above, from the Apple Store for Mac and iOS, for PC from the Microsoft Windows Store, or go to the Chrome Webstore and add the extension to Chrome.

The Essential Online Design Tool

CloudApp is an essential online design tool for product and UX designers. Our website design features allow creative professionals to visually communicate ideas, share and collaborate with friends and co-workers using video and GIFs.

With easy to use native features, the tool lets you collaborate throughout the entire creation process, speeding up your processes & getting feedback on proofs in seconds.

How CloudApp's Free Design Tool Works

Product designers and UX professionals can use CloudApp to showcase their work by capturing and sharing an HD video recording, a GIF, or an annotated screenshot.

To capture the content, use the snipping tool to click, drag, and snip, then instantly share your content via secure links. All content can be embedded in emails, google slides presentations, Adobe XD, Slack, Asana, or any tool you are using during your proof feedback process.

Capture & Share Your Screen Instantly

You created your first design proof, and you want to share it with your team. With CloudApp, sharing content is quick and easy. Simply capture a video, animated GIF or screenshot of the proof from any other design tool on your screen.

A unique and secure link is automatically added to your clipboard and ready to share through any channel you are using to collaborate.

Get Feedback on Design Proofs

The image annotation feature adds enhanced visuals such as arrows, lines, and other shapes to a screenshot or GIF, allowing for more clarity in communication. And the crop, pixelate, and spotlight features allow sensitive content to remain secure.

Getting accurate feedback on your proofs, negates long feedback loops or the need for meetings.

Integrate with Your Favorite Apps

CloudApp integrates with the best productivity apps, including: Adobe XD, Slack, Sketch, Trello, Google Docs and more, allowing for more efficient feedback loops.

For example, after you create your design proof in XD, you can then drag and drop your work in CloudApp, then paste the link in Slack and it will automatically unfurl your screenshot or start playing your GIF. Check out how easy it is to click and drop your content from CloudApp into Slack in the GIF attached.

Store Collections Securely in the Cloud

All content is instantly uploaded to the cloud as drops in secure links. All links are copied to your clipboard, then stored and organized using our customizable collections feature. Find your content fast with the Visual Search feature (color, size, and text in your annotated screenshots).

You can also control who sees your content by adding a password, adding expiration to your links, or specifying only those who should view your drops.

Perfect App for your Whole Design Team

CloudApp is a simple, yet powerful online design tool which can be used for anyone on your design team to create and share design proofs, including User Experience Designers, UX Researchers, Product Designers, and Video Production professionals. Captivate your audience and show them how your product works with a quick video recording. Capture your screen then quickly share a GIF or annotated image in Adobe XD. Visuals are more powerful than words – but don’t take our word for it. Find out what design professionals and unsung heroes such as Khoi Vin, lead designer at Adobe, or Alex Muench, Product Designer at Doist are saying about this essential design tool:

“I tell everyone about CloudApp because it’s so easy to use.”
– Khoi Vinh, Principal Designer at Adobe

We recently caught up with Khoi Vin at his New York City digs, where he connects with designers around the world to stay on top of trends, give talks, and understand the latest technological developments. His favorite feature of CloudApp is being able to capture something in the clipboard, upload it with a keyboard shortcut and then immediately getting that link back so I can paste it into Slack, an e-mail or what have you.

Ready to take your online design skills to the next level? Join the visual communication revolution and learn more about CloudApp for Designers here.

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