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Marketing Requesting Design Changes Using CloudApp

Learn how to make design change requests easily using CloudApp.

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If you’re a designer, the best use of your time, and what you want to be doing is most likely designing! 

Unfortunately, other things can get in the way without effective communication.

Part of the gig is ensuring that your finished projects will meet your client’s expectations, and often that means marketers requesting design changes. 

In an effort to find a better way to reduce manual administrative tasks, increase effective communication, and free up valuable design hours, it’s essential to implement a solid workflow system. This is where CloudApp, the holy grail of productivity, communication, business management, and design changes, comes in handy. 

Check out how to deliver the best results for marketers requesting design changes using CloudApp.

Marketers Requesting Design Changes

One of the biggest hurdles between marketing and design teams is effective communication. How often have you had a confusing, lengthy, and seemingly never-ending string of emails? This is bound to be frustrating on both ends, not to mention the amount of time and energy it requires writing them or decoding them. 

Typically speaking, marketers and designers often need to work together and build a good rapport in order to deliver the best results possible. One of the most important ingredients for success is for these departments to have each other’s best interests in mind. This common goal helps drive one another to achieve the best results. 

Even with dozens of collaboration tools available, poor communication is often the key reason projects get delayed or go sideways. It doesn’t matter if you’re a freelance designer or part of a huge agency team, you need smooth communication with marketers requesting design changes. Nothing beats an easy rapport between design and marketing, so how do you improve communication with your marketing cohorts? 

Clear Expectations and Timeline

It all starts with setting clear expectations and staying on the same page throughout the entire process. The best way to do this is with visual communication. 

Right from the beginning, designers and marketers need to clearly define project expectations, constraints, responsibilities, timeline, deadlines, and so forth. This discussion can take place in many forms. All that matters is that everyone has a clear idea as to what is expected. Creating a timeline by working backward can be beneficial. This allows the team to collectively visualize the steps required to achieve a specific project’s outcome. 

Create a clear timeline that breaks down the weekly expectations, meeting times, and the final deadline. Make sure to add some buffer time. With every project, we can expect delays or hangups. This means you don’t want to set the project internal due date the same day as the client deadline. One of the best ways to mitigate rushing a project, or having a project go completely off-target is setting milestones and check-in dates. Perhaps at the three-week mark, the design team is expected to have 50% of the project completed. Set up a meeting at the end of that week to review, and discuss the progress. 

Designers and Marketers: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Designers and marketers need to work together to drive the project forward. This means deadlines are met and removing obstacles, such as poor communication. This way you are more equipped to exceed expectations when marketers request design changes using CloudApp. Staying on task and bridging the communication between design and marketing is easier with visual communication.

You’re not going to find many design projects that don’t require at least a few tweaks. Best case scenario, marketers requesting design changes using CloudApp are easy to fix. However, it’s important to prepare for design changes that may take a few hours of work to complete. Since feedback and changes come with the territory, start the project early and set the completion date of 1-2 weeks before the actual deadline (if possible!)

When marketers request design changes, edits, or expectations change, you’re not rushing. Instead, you have the time to complete the edits well, or discuss them further if need be.

Marketers Requesting Design Changes Using CloudApp

Okay, so now you’ve got a clear schedule, you know what’s expected, and you’re ready to dive into the project. This is where implementing CloudApp into your design workflow will become infinitely beneficial. Here are a few features we recommend utilizing to help keep your project and communication on track.

Share product and design feedback 

Sometimes designers receive feedback on a design that can easily be misinterpreted. The best way to clear up ambiguous or unclear feedback is to capture and annotate feedback directly on a design piece.

After you’ve captured and annotated the feedback, simply share an instant link with teammates, clients, or marketers requesting design changes. The annotations feature is a straight-forward way to make a comment on the screenshot and direct your attention to a specific part of a design or mockup. 

CloudApp eliminates a number of steps many designers typically go through to achieve the same thing, including taking a screenshot, locating the screenshot in their file folder, uploading it elsewhere, and keeping track of those links. CloudApp makes it way simpler by combining the file sharing and links all in one. 

using CloudApp for design changes requested by marketers
Clear up ambiguous or unclear feedback with visuals.

GIF screen recording

Using CloudApp for design changes requested by marketers can save both teams a ton of time. Screen recording and sharing is the quickest and most effective way to communicate between design and marketing teams. Large file sizes are difficult and time consuming to share. Streamline the design process by using CloudApp to record your screen and share directly with collaborators in near real-time. 

Bridge the gap between the designer and marketers requesting design changes using CloudApp. A majority of the problems designers need to solve require a great deal of explanation or interaction. Sometimes design cycles can be long and frustrating for both marketers and designers. Next time instead of back and forth emails, send over a video explanation using CloudApp.

One of the greatest challenges is to demonstrate a prototype where a user has to click through specific hotspots. If you’re delivering something along these lines, and a marketer requests design changes, GIF screen recording can be super helpful. Record annotations and video while sharing your screen to show more precisely where a design element needs to be adjusted. Communicate ideas effectively by creating mockups and then stringing them together with the CloudApp GIF feature

With CloudApp’s GIF screen recording, simply share your screen recording, and get feedback to improve your design in any phase without having to upload to a third platform. This feature gives you the option to test your prototypes remotely, and can be moderated or unmoderated. Once you complete your video capture or webcam recording, a link is automatically copied to your clipboard that can be password protected and set to expire after any desired length of time. 

Whether you require feedback on a low-fidelity or high-fidelity prototype, CloudApp is a great tool for instantly sharing your prototype with others and get invaluable insight based on direct input and real user interaction.

7 steps to record your screen 

  1. Download CloudApp for Windows or Mac.
  2. Click on the CloudApp.msi file in the downloads folder.
  3. CloudApp should immediately open.
  4. Register for a free CloudApp screen recording account when prompted.
  5. To record your screen, click on your CloudApp icon. Select the TV recording image. Prefer hotkeys? Use this combination for Mac :Cmd+Shift+6, Windows: Alt+Shift+6
  6. Use your mouse to select the area on your screen you wish to record and click the green “Start” button to begin recording. 
  7. Click the red “Finish” button when you are done your video.

To create the mockup, open CloudApp, walk the user or marketer through the mockup while capturing it in a GIF, and then share it, If other team members or the marketers you’re working with are on CloudApp, they can use it cross-functionally. 

Powerful integrations into your existing workflow

Use CloudApp’s powerful integrations to work seamlessly in your favorite app including Sketch, Basecamp, Adobe XD, Slack, Asana, WordPress, Trello, Google Docs Lite Integration, ect. CloudApp takes it to the next level: complete tasks in Asana faster with visuals

Most offices will have chat channels that are dedicated to a specific team or project. Messaging platforms like Slack are great for cultivating a collaborative and healthy work environment. The upside of instant messaging is the convenience of quickly asking a question, making a comment, or providing some feedback right from your computer or mobile device. Integrating with CloudApp allows for faster collaboration with other team members. Get straight to the point with a screen recording to provide clarity, an annotated screenshot, or a video explaining an idea with a GIF, to easily show what you mean. The ability to show rather than tell has proven to be the easiest and fastest way to communicate.

using CloudApp for design changes
Showing, instead of telling, is the easiest and fastest way to communicate.

Snipping tool

Another essential feature of CloudApp is its snipping tool. With every snip, get a customized, secure link that’s easy to share and simple to edit. This is a secure way to share sensitive information, prevents the information from getting caught in the wrong hands, and provides an added level of professionalism. Just snip, copy the link and paste into an email – or into any other team communication platform. If need be, add a password by simply selecting the setting option before pasting it into my communication of choice. It also helps that all of your snips are saved immediately to your desktop and web apps, so anything you want to “snip” is at your fingertips. No closing out of windows, no fumbling for a new screen. Just point, click, and snip.

CloudApp: The Go-To Solution

If you have not started using CloudApp yet, then I certainly hope this convinces you of the power behind this productivity and collaboration tool. Incorporating CloudApp into your workflow is the ultimate go-to solution. Streamline your processes quickly, share live screen recordings, annotated pictures or videos with ease, and improve efficiency with everything including marketers requesting design changes using CloudApp. CloudApp solves so many of the usual challenges designers face when collaborating, communicating, and meeting client expectations.

As a result of incorporating CloudApp into your workflow, you’ll find it is much easier to build trust and a strong rapport with your marketing team or clients. Effective communication directly translates to a clear understanding of what you’re doing, what’s expected, the results, and have the tools to quickly understand what is required of you to ensure expectations are met. It also provides clients with quick access to resources that they can easily refer back to when needed. Save yourself a ton of time and questions when you’ve got marketers requesting design changes using CloudApp.

Not only will you save time writing lengthy emails, calls, or meetings to repeatedly review things, you’ll also build excellent working relationships that can lead to more work, referrals, and continued growth.

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