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Image Capture and Share

Use CloudApp’s Image Capture Feature to visually communicate more effectively, providing you with all the tools you need to share ideas, record your voice to get feedback, and collaborate with your team, customers and friends.

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How CloudApp’s Image Capture Works

you ever heard the expression, “A picture is worth a thousand words”?
CloudApp’s revolutionary Screen Recorder shows just how accurate that saying
really is.  We have all had the
frustration of trying to explain an issue, description or even a solution to
someone when we don’t have the words to convey our meaning. 

With CloudApp you
can image capture your screen to show or explain exactly what you are thinking
faster and more accurately than you ever could with text. Not only can you capture and share images, you also have the ability with CloudApp to record your voice that
will give you the opportunity to expound upon the image. Additionally, CloudApp
allows you to add your face to be more personal.

Capture And Annotate GIFs

With CloudApp, you can also capture and annotate animated images, or GIFs. Using the GIF Creator on CloudApp provides a huge upside when communicating with your team, friends, families and customers. A GIF, short for, Graphics Interchange Format, works similarly to a short video, yet is a much smaller file, making it easier and faster to share. With the image capture for Mac feature, you have the ability to turn any area of your screen into an animated GIF. GIFs are great for training, documentation, on-boarding, and sales emails.


Another incredible feature of CloudApp’s image share is the Draw & Annotate feature that makes your ideas stand out, and quickly gives you the power to explain yourself more clearly, using annotations, lines, arrows, and emojis.

Capture, Edit and Share

To break it down, CloudApp for Mac gives you the ability to:

  • Image Capture your screen
  • Edit and Annotate, by adding quick drawings, arrows, lines, and other shapes to communicate your message and blur sensitive content
  • Share Instantly your image capture on your mac with your team and customers, using your favorite tools or with a link
  • Embed your content in a Slack channel, Google Docs presentation, Trello card, email, and more


There is a simple reason why over 2 Million people trust CloudApp as their tool to image capture on their Mac. When you have to deliver your message fast and clear, CloudApp’s free download allows you to image share in order to quickly catch the attention of those around you that have a short attention span with too much on their mind.

Who Benefits from Using the Image Sharing Features?

1.    You – Time is critical in today’s day and age and utilizing CloudApp’s visual communication features saves you serious time and energy interacting in any kind of environment.

2.    Your Teammates – Re-explaining yourself over and over can drag down morale and productivity in the workplace. Now, with CloudApp’s Image Capture for Mac, you can eliminate the hassle and communicate quickly and succinctly to allow for a smoother work environment.

3.    Your Customers – Nothing is more frustrating than not understanding how a product or service works. Being able to image share with your customers can lead to follow up success and can also be a valuable tool you can access to be more personable with your consumer base.

How to Get Started with CloudApp

CloudApp is a very simple, yet powerful image capturing tool and provides you with all the features you need to communicate more effectively with your employees, customers and friends. CloudApp provides you with all the tools you need to share ideas, record your voice to share feedback, and collaborate with friends and co-workers using image capture. You can image capture any part of your screen and webcam. Making communication with friends and coworkers easy, fast and effective. 

Free up the communication barriers that keep you from connecting effectively with your friends, coworkers and customers by downloading CloudApp today. You can signup for your free 14 day trail of CloudApp Pro here.

Have more questions? Get in touch or head over to our FAQ.

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