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What is an Annotation Tool?

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the right picture annotated with a few, precise words is a powerful productivity hack that only the best image annotation tool can deliver. When you consistently use a screenshot + annotation to improve clarity when communicating - you improve your workflow and explain product features 300% faster. An annotation app lets you quickly markup a screenshot, by directing your client, employee or team to exactly where you want their attention. This paired with just the right amount of context, makes a wordy explanation or meeting unnecessary.

How To Annotate Screenshots

Annotating screenshots is remarkably simple and only adds one step with CloudApp. To annotate your screenshots:

  1. Click on the CloudApp icon in your menu bar
  2. Select the screenshot you want to annotate. You can search for past screenshots by attributes, color, text etc. Or if the screenshot is fresh off the press, it will be the first screen capture on your clipboard.
  3. Select Annotate from the menu
  4. Your screenshot will open in a large window with a toolbar. Choose where on the image you want to annotate - you can use simple text, arrows, and lines to ensure everyone is looking in the right direction
  5. Save and it’s ready to share!

Web Annotation Tools For Developers

Over the years developers and support teams have had to use up to three popular apps just to accomplish one brief task: taking and annotating a screenshot. With CloudApp, you do not have to switch back and forth between apps, in fact you never have to leave your screen. The CloudApp icon is always in your menu bar, so you can take a screen capture and annotate all in one spot.

How We Use Our Screenshot Annotation Tool

The CloudApp team uses the annotation app to quickly communicate, cut down on meeting time and avoid getting caught in never-ending email threads. Not sure that you’d benefit from an image annotation tool? Here are just a few ways our customers use theirs to make their days a breeze.

  • Support teams use the arrows, text and line boxes to answer customers and explain processes clearly
  • Give and receive quick feedback on projects
  • Annotate screenshots to point out bugs, system errors and resolutions
  • Add emojis to our messages
  • Blur out sensitive content
  • Use drawings and shapes to help communicate effectively

Use Annotation To Start Communicating Better

Are you currently using annotations to better communicate with your clients, troubleshoot bugs and coordinate projects with teams? The great news, there’s no learning curve to start using CloudApp’s screenshot annotation tool immediately. Have projects on deck? Start annotating right now. Just download your free CloudApp account right now and start communicating better - visually.

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