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Code Review Tool

CloudApp is a free code review tool. With our all-in-one software, developers can ship quality code faster by using screen capture & annotation tools to review code before they commit.

Available on:

CloudApp’s screen capture tool is available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Chrome. Accessing the code review tool features is quick and easy. Simply download the app from GetCloudApp above, access it from the Apple Store for Mac and iOS, for PC from the Microsoft Windows Store, or go to the Webstore and add the extension to Chrome.

A Code Review Tool That Solves Issues Faster

CloudApp is communication software that provides the perfect code review tool for developers. Not only does this app make reviewing code easier- it drastically increases your speed. Coding requires enough typing as it is. Don’t waste your time trying to explain a PHP issue in a written email or Slack message. Thinking of sending a generic screenshot? A static, unedited image doesn’t explain anything. CloudApp allows you to physically show others an issue or explanation in detail. 

Record GIFs, annotated screenshots and videos in seconds. Add text, arrows and images to images. A few clicks and you’re done. After capturing your content, your data is stored in the cloud, ready to share with an automatically generated clipboard link. Communicating coding complications visually increases your efficiency by 300%.

Highlight Bugs in Java and PHP

All developers know the frustration that comes with bugs. A new feature doesn’t work in a particular browser. A client’s UX is different than what you see in-house. A design looks different on your coworker’s screen. Being able to effectively track and explain bugs is extremely valuable to any dev team. 

CloudApp’s ability to capture, annotate and share media makes it the perfect code review tool. Whether you are working in Java, PHP, or another language, this software will make you faster and decrease communication errors. Having the ability to quickly snap and share screenshots is especially helpful when testing in Safari. 

Circle the code that is causing an issue and explain with a line of text. You don’t need complicated editing tools to annotate with CloudApp. Every option you need is at your fingertips. You can even add emojis to lighten the mood on days when multiple bugs show up ????

Get Feedback With Comments and Annotations

Most Java code review tools don’t focus on collaboration. This isn’t the case with CloudApp. Internal comments and complex editing features reduce confusion when solving bugs. 

Once your content is saved in the cloud, it’s instantly copied onto your clipboard, ready to share as a custom URL link. When the recipient opens this link, there is an area on the right of the window for comments. Here other developers can ask questions and communicate other relevant information. Alternatively, your coworker can make additional annotations and send the screenshot back using different colors and shapes.

Explain UI Features and Share Workflow With Your Team

Clarifying specific features within an app interface can be difficult. Describing how to test pieces of code with text alone is a challenge that frustrates most developers. CloudApp allows you to create custom GIFs and screen recordings that show your coworker exactly what to do. Let’s use the Chrome DevTools and let’s say I had to describe to my QA team how to test certain parts of a web page with pseudo-states enabled or disabled. Versus using a page or other method, you could create a GIF which demonstrates how to find this feature in the DevTools, check it out here —->>>>

You can even create your own tutorial videos for more complex projects. You don’t need separate video editing software. CloudApp allows you to record and edit your video in minutes. Trim and cut your footage and even record at the same time with your webcam for deeper explanations. Increase your communication efficiency and say goodbye to coworker confusion with CloudApp.

How to Use CloudApp’s Free Code Review Tools

CloudApp is incredibly intuitive. There is no learning curve. Simply download and you are ready to start reviewing code. Complete the following steps to start using CloudApp for free today:

1. Download CloudApp on your Mac or Windows PC (Also available for Linux)

2. Find the CloudApp.msi file in your web browser’s download file and click on it to complete the process

3. Register for a free account when prompted or click HERE

4. Find the CloudApp icon on your desktop toolbar and click to open. Choose between recording your screen, creating a GIF, snapping a screenshot or capturing an annotated screen image to communicate your coding needs.

That’s it- easy and efficient. You can even use CloudApp with a Google Chrome extension or on your iPhone with the iOS version.

Keep Your Code Secure with CloudApp Privacy

Whether you are working on a new application or fixing a client issue, the content you share cannot be compromised. CloudApp puts security first and stores all content on Amazon’s Virtual Private Network. The best-in-class AWS data centers are monitored 24/7 and undergo regular penetration testing. 

After recording a video or taking a screenshot, CloudApp allows you to adjust the security settings of that content. Set expiry dates on URL links or allocate a password to a specific document. After you send your media, CloudApp allows you to see when it has been viewed by others. Fast, efficient and incredibly secure.

An Integrated Code Review Tool

As a developer, you know how many tools are required in the modern workplace. Slack, Asana, Adobe, Trello. CloudApp has integrations with all of the apps you already use to make life easier. Stop switching between multiple tabs and windows. Everything you need is within CloudApp. Complete a project in JIRA with a screen recording or author a dazzling document in Google Docs. One software, unlimited possibilities.

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