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How many projects fail or are delayed because critical information was lost in the words? Leverage CloudApp to enhance government communication. Give step-by-step instruction by recording a quick loop-able GIF, offer feedback with annotations, and share knowledge with a quick video to bring your coworkers up to speed with the latest regulations.
Downloading the CloudApp snipping tool is quick and easy. Simply download the app from GetCloudApp, access it from the Mac Store or if you have a PC, from the Microsoft Windows Store. To get started, you should first register for an account, download the app, then install it on your machine and start snipping.
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Why CloudApp for Government?

CloudApp is a secure video sharing and screen capture platform that allows government agencies to capture, share and manage rich media content. Instead of text and attachments, CloudApp allows agencies to replace or supplement text-based communications with visual media, in-line videos, GIFs, recordings, and annotated images. Content is easy to capture and securely share or embed.

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60% of office workers prefer to collaborate visually.

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