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Close Customer Support Tickets Faster

Capture and share detailed responses faster than ever with CloudApp’s screen recording and screenshot tool. Create and share videos, annotated screenshots, and GIFs instantly to close customer support tickets 3x quicker.

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CloudApp’s Screen Recorder is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Chrome. Downloading the tool is quick and easy. Simply download the app above, access it from the Apple Store for Mac and iOS, for PC from the Microsoft Windows Store, or go to the Chrome Web Store and add the extension to Chrome.

Close More Tickets with CloudApp

Whether you know it yet or not, CloudApp is one of the best tools for customer support teams. 

Sure, we might be biased. But once you give it a try, we’re confident you’ll think so too.

Ever feel like you’re spending most of your days typing out long, complex responses to customer support tickets? Simple solutions can become incredibly complex when you’re required to type out every little detail. Usually, these explanations could take mere seconds if you could just show your customers, instead of telling them.

CloudApp is a solution to help you with just that. 

You can answer customer support tickets at the speed of sight with it’s screen recorder , dual-screen and webcam recording features, as well as it’s annotated GIF and screenshot tools. It can also make your responses more personal – who doesn’t love to see their customer service representative’s smiling face in their response? 

Answer Customer Support Tickets Faster with Screen Recordings

It’s a proven fact that video is one of the most engaging forms of content. While you’re dreading writing that long email, chances are your customers are dreading reading it.

In fact, 60% of people prefer to collaborate visually if possible. And your customers are no exception. 

Save your writing for your next novel and speed through your responses by merely taking a screen recording. It’s intuitive and straightforward, so there isn’t a learning curve. And, CloudApp is available on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and even Chrome. So, no matter what device or operating system you and your team use, you’ll all be able to start saving time with CloudApp. 

CloudApp also has dual webcam and screen recording functionality. But what does that mean?

It means you can record your screen to walk your customers through their solution while simultaneously recording yourself.

You can choose where to place the circle containing your face on your screen to make sure it doesn’t obstruct anything. You can also choose to turn on or off the audio and webcam recording, depending on what suits your ticket response better. 

Sending a personalized walk-through video to respond to tickets will delight your customers. And adding your webcam with a customized greeting and walkthrough will take it to the next level. 

Did you know 48% of your customers are expecting specialized treatment just for being a good customer? Or, more shockingly, 89% of customers switch to a competitor after experiencing poor customer experience.

Those are some stats you can’t afford to ignore.

Ensuring you provide clear, personalized responses to customer support tickets is serious business if you want to stay in business. Keep your customers satisfied, and exceed the expectation they already have for specialized treatment with a personalized video recording. 

Wondering how easy it is to get started? Simply follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Download CloudApp for Windows or Mac

Step 2: Click on the CloudApp.msi file in the Downloads folder

Step 3: CloudApp should immediately open

Step 4: Register for a free CloudApp screen recording account when prompted

Step 5:  To record your screen, click on your CloudApp icon. Select the TV recording image.  Prefer hotkeys? Use this combination for Mac :Cmd+Shift+6, Windows: Alt+Shift+6

Step 6: Use your mouse to select the area on the screen you wish to record and choose whether you would like your camera and microphone on or off. Then, click the green “Start” button to begin recording. 

Step 7: Click the red “Finish” button when you are done recording

Answer Customer Support Tickets with Annotated Screenshots and GIFs

Have a customer support ticket that doesn’t call for a video? CloudApp is still the time-saving tool you need. 

Perhaps there’s a quick solution that only requires a screenshot or GIF. If you’re still using your device’s built-in screenshot tool to answer support tickets, it’s time to upgrade. 

In addition to CloudApp’s video and screen recording capabilities, it also has built-in functionality for GIF and screenshot creation and annotation. Sure, you can take a screenshot right on your device. However, you can unlock the full potential of your GIFs and screenshots by adding annotations. 

To take a screenshot in CloudApp, you can click the CloudApp icon in your menu bar and select a screenshot. From there, you’ll be prompted to pick either your full screen or part of your screen. 

Prefer hotkeys? Simply hit Command + Shift +5 on a Mac, or Alt + Shift + 5 on Windows to take a screenshot. 

If you’d prefer to use your device’s screenshot tool, you can do so and simply drag and drop it to the CloudApp icon to use the editing, annotating, and sharing features available. 

You can follow the same steps to create a GIF. Or, hit Command + Shift + 6 on a Mac, or Alt + Shift + 6 on Windows to enter GIF/HD recording mode.

After you’ve captured your content, CloudApp will automatically upload it to the cloud and save it to your clipboard for you for easy access.

Once you’ve taken your screenshot or GIF, you’ll have the option to edit your content. CloudApp has a host of easy-to-use features you may not have even known you needed. And they’re all incredibly quick and straightforward to use, making responding to customer support tickets faster than ever.

Create Support Materials and Tutorials with CloudApp

One of the best ways to quickly answer customer support tickets is to create a library or knowledge base full of answers to the questions your customers are asking. 

Before they email your team, you can lead your users through a funnel to see if your existing support materials or tutorials can answer their questions. If so, they’ll be happy to have found an immediate solution. And, that’s one less ticket your team has to answer. 

Added up over time, creating a knowledge base can help you close customer support tickets faster than ever. 

And CloudApp can help. 


While we might not have the answers to your customers’ questions, we can help you enrich your knowledge base with visual communication. 

Instead of creating a wordy text answer, have your customer support team film a quick video. With CloudApp’s dual-screen and webcam recording feature, your team can create a personalized walkthrough answer or explain how to use a new feature in just a few clicks.

Or, you can insert annotated GIFs or screen grabs to enhance your knowledge base. 

Trust us, your customers will thank you for the clear, engaging, and most importantly, immediate responses to the questions they have on your software. 

You can easily share these walkthroughs, answers to common questions, and tutorials with your customers. If they reach out, you can share a link to the solution in a chat window, email, or just about anywhere. 

If you’re embedding your CloudApp content on your site in a knowledge base or FAQ section, CloudApp does most of the work for you. After you’ve created your content, select ‘copy embed code’ from the list of share options. From there, you can insert your content directly on your website.

Integrations with the Customer Support Software You’re Already Using

One of the best ways to close customer support tickets faster is to use a visual communication tool that integrates with your team’s software. CloudApp seamlessly integrates with email and chat software like Slack. And sure, the sharable link for any content you produce can be shared nearly anywhere. However, there are a few integrations your customer support team may find useful to help them close customer support tickets faster, such as

These integrations make it quicker to add visual content to your support responses. You can simply drag and drop from your share window right into the software.

Additionally, many of these software companies are using CloudApp themselves to save time. For instance, Help Scout has found their entire company saves 34 hours a week using CloudApp’s screen recording, GIF creating, and screenshot annotating features.

Share CloudApp Creations Simply and Securely

One of the best features of CloudApp is how much time it’ll save you and your team each week. CloudApp is also equipped with powerful analytics capabilities to track just how much time you and your team are saving each week. 

In addition to saving time explaining answers and tutorials to customers, CloudApp’s content is extraordinarily easy to share. First, you can always share the link that is automatically copied to your clipboard after creating an annotated screenshot, GIF, or screen recording. You can also select this option from any of your drops in your share library. 

Drag and drop CloudApp into Google Docs

You can also drag and drop directly from your CloudApp share page to just about anywhere, including Google Docs, an email, a chat window, and more. 

Have more questions? Get in touch or head over to our FAQ.

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