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Best Cloud Storage

Looking for the best cloud storage on the market? CloudApp is the perfect solution to help minimize costs while keeping your enterprise workflow streaming. Free storage, coupled with top-level security and easy sharing.

Available on:

The CloudApp Screen Recorder is available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Chrome. Downloading the tool is quick and easy. Simply download the app from GetCloudApp above, access it from the Apple Store for Mac and iOS, for PC from the Microsoft Windows Store, or go to the Chrome Webstore and add the extension to Chrome.

Best Cloud Storage for Sharing

Why keep the best cloud storage a secret? With CloudApp’s free cloud storage option it’s easy to share files inside and outside of your organization, regardless of size or computing system. Simply drag and drop from your computer or that you record on your screen into the CloudApp icon in your menu bar with our Mac or Windows app to instantly save any file into the cloud. CloudApp’s Chrome Extension makes it even easier to share or use the new iOS app on the go.

Easy Sharing With Secure Online Links

Once you have your file saved to the cloud with little to no effort at all, it’s time to share! CloudApp is the best online cloud storage because it will have already generated a shareable link for you to share with teams or individuals. Share traditionally through emaillarge file attachments be gone! — or drop into your favorite workflow tool.

Workflow Integrations Expanded

Did someone say workflow integrations? From messaging apps to CRMs and team organization, our integrations have you covered. We work with the best so that you can work AT your best. Some of our favorites include:

Trello, Asana, HipChat and Slack just become more fun and efficient. No more jumping between screens to share files. All your cloud-saved files are easy to paste directly into your favorite tool with the click of a button.

Any information you save in the cloud related to customer support tickets can also link directly into Zendesk, Jira, HelpScout or Freshdesk.

The Best Free Cloud Storage Comes With Free Security

Other services charge you an arm and a leg for enterprise-grade security that you can count on. When you use CloudApp’s free cloud storage, you can rest assured that your most private documents are password protected. Take it one step further by setting an expiration date to your links so that you can manage who and when someone has access.

Online Cloud Storage That Works For You

No matter role you hold, dependable cloud storage is essential for a job well done. CloudApp’s online cloud storage is suitable for nearly any creative role:

  • Designers – As a designer we understand how large the files you work with can become. CloudApp doesn’t limit you on file size and uploads won’t give you the spinning wheel of death for hours.
  • Developers — Sharing code quickly and securely has never been easier. CloudApp protects your most top secret projects in the cloud but allows for easy sharing and collaboration with other developers on your team, especially those working remotely.
  • Customer Support – When something goes awry, you can’t waste time locating a file or the answer to a solution for a customer. Simply save and organize videos or screenshots of answers to common problems to CloudApp and customers will be impressed with your speed in closing their ticket, and overall improvement in customer communication.  
  • The best cloud storage for sales and marketing has arrived. Collaborate on eye-catching content and sales enablement collateral that will send customers knocking down the doors.

Teams can access, manage, plan and revise content all on one platform and with one cloud service.

Free Online Cloud Storage Is A Click Away

Just so we’re clear, CloudApp’s online cloud storage feature is absolutely free. We’re practically handing you your dreams on a silver platter. So don’t throw your money away on cloud storage that you have to pay for.

Did We Mention It’s Free?

The best things in life are free. CloudApp is the best cloud storage for any industry, where speed and clarity are essential. Create your account today to see what you and your teams have been missing.

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