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Answer Support Tickets with Video

Ready to delight your customers with effective, clear visual communications? Answering support tickets is made simple with CloudApp’s video capabilities. With two simple clicks of a button, you can create personalized, clear tutorials leading to faster ticket closures and delighted customers.

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CloudApp’s Screen Recorder is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Chrome. Downloading the tool is quick and easy. Simply download the app above, access it from the Apple Store for Mac and iOS, or PC from the Microsoft Windows Store, or go to the Chrome Web Store and add the extension to Chrome.

Video Recording Software Makes Customer Support a Breeze

Looking for a way to truly delight and engage your customers when answering support tickets? Using video increases customer satisfaction rates and can help your team answer tickets faster. 

Creating long, detailed emails should be a thing of the past. Likely, your support staff doesn’t want to write them, and your customers don’t want to read them.

Instead of telling, why not show your customers a solution with a friendly smile and a simple video? CloudApp can make answering support tickets with video a breeze. 

You may have tried video software in the past – it can be challenging to show your team how to create simple, compelling videos. Not to mention the added capability of showing their face on top of the video recording.

Answer support tickets with video using CloudApp

CloudApp is straightforward so anyone on your team can learn how to use it. You can simply get started with a simultaneous screen and webcam recording with two simple clicks of your mouse. CloudApp records your screen without obstructing your view. You also have the option of dual screen and webcam recording. If a customer can see and hear you while you’re recording, chances are they’ll appreciate the personal touch in your response.

After you’re done recording, your video is automatically saved in the cloud, and you simply share your custom link through email or attach it right to the support ticket or chat window. That’s right; no more waiting for the video to process or upload. Your customers will also thank you for not having to wait for it to download.

Teaching your team to answer support tickets with video using CloudApp doesn’t require a tutorial. It’s simple and works on Mac, Windows, iOS and Chrome; meaning anyone can use it. To get started, simply follow these steps: 

Wondering How to Record Your Screen?‍

Step 1: Download CloudApp for Windows or Mac

Step 2: Click on the CloudApp.msi file in the Downloads folder

Step 3: CloudApp should immediately open

Step 4: Register for a free CloudApp screen recording account when prompted

Step 5:  To record your screen, click on your CloudApp icon. Select the TV recording image.  Prefer hotkeys? Use this combination for Mac :Cmd+Shift+6, Windows: Alt+Shift+6

Step 6: Use your mouse to select the area on the screen you wish to record and select whether you would like your camera and microphone on or off. Then, click the green “Start” button to begin recording. 

Step 7: Click the red “Finish” button when you are done recording.

Make Ticket Support More Human with Video

Video is one of the most engaging forms of content available. When done right, it’s easier to watch a video tutorial than read through a long, complicated email. Adding a smiling face to your support video also means making support tickets a little more human. 

Whether you’ve experienced it yet or not, video is the most efficient and easy way to respond to support tickets. It’s immediate and easy to understand. 

CloudApp makes it simple for every team member on your team to break the screen barrier with your customers and provide outstanding, personal service. After a quick download, simply select ‘record your screen’ from CloudApp’s drop-down menu on your computer’s toolbar to start recording your ticket response. 

CloudApp is simple and easy to use because ticket support shouldn’t be complicated. It should be robust, intuitive, and fast as the speed of sight. 

Screen Recording App with Audio and Video

Do you struggle to explain features or solutions? Simple solutions can quickly become complicated when writing them out over a chat or an email. And let’s be honest, who wants to read through a lengthy technical email? What if there was a solution that made it simpler and quicker for your team to answer support tickets, and also made it easier for your customers to understand what your team is explaining. 

Thankfully, there is a simple solution. And it’s free.

CloudApp’s screen recording feature also has optional audio and video. Recording your screen, yourself, and putting an audio overlay sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it? We get it. Usually, this entails opening a few applications, some of which may obstruct your view of the window you’re recording.

With CloudApp, you can simply select ‘screen recording,’ choose whether you would like your camera and microphone on and off, and you’re ready to record. The simplicity of using CloudApp means you and your team can answer support by sending a quick video tutorial explaining what you mean.

Instead of answering support tickets by telling customers how to solve their solutions, show them with CloudApp’s screen recorder with audio and video.

Answer support tickets with video using CloudApp


Instantly Share your Screen Recordings 

Whether you’re responding to a support ticket through a chat window, email, or through your customer solutions app, the recordings you make in CloudApp can be shared instantly. They’re always saved in the cloud, which means no download or upload time for you or your recipient. 

After you’ve finished recording, simply copy the link to your video and send it off. You can share the link through any chat platform, or embed your content on most CMS’, website platforms, or marketing tools. To save you even more time, we’ll do the coding for you. Simply use CloudApp’s free embed tool. Videos can also be embedded directly in emails. When embedded, the videos will still be stored in the cloud, meaning you don’t have to wait to upload them, and your recipient won’t need to wait to download them.

Using CloudApp to Answer Support Tickets with Video

You can also rest assured screen recordings stored in the cloud from CloudApp are secure. The data centers holding your videos, screenshots, or GIFs are monitored 24/7 to ensure any sensitive information shared stays safe. We also ensure that security protocols are updated weekly, and regular penetrations tests are conducted. This means any confidential information relevant to support tickets is safe to share. Over 3 million people trust CloudApp, including 53% of Fortune 500 companies such as Facebook, zendesk, and Amazon. 

CloudApp for Customer Support and Success Teams 

We’re sure many of your customers are delighted at a wonderful conversation. However, like most people, they’re likely selective about when and with whom they want to engage in a great heart to heart. When it comes to customer service, they want quick answers. But, the thought of picking up the phone might be met with hesitation. Additionally, chatbots and automated responses can be a source of frustration. Sure, they’re quick, but they’re not always accurate.

Answering support tickets with Video through CloudApp means you can close tickets faster, save your customer time, and make your responses more human. Clear, quick, and accurate answers can help alleviate any frustration your customers might be feeling. 

Additionally, a video response that’s just the right length can be the cherry on top to delight them. Many customer support and success teams report customer happiness ratings sky-rocketing when using video to respond to tickets. Additionally, many find that support tickets can be answered with one-touch responses more often when done with a clear and thorough video response. 

Seamless Integrations for Customer Support Tools

Customer support tools can help you reduce ticket buildup and help your team stay organized. So, why use a third party app separate from the customer support tool your entire team is already using? Keep it all together within your support app by integrating CloudApp with your customer support tools. While sharing a link can be done with just about any platform, CloudApp offers seamless integration with your favorite support apps, allowing you to reduce ticket backlog and answer tickets faster. A few examples include; 

  • Integrating CloudApp with Zendesk means sharing your screen recordings or videos directly in your Zendesk support tickets. 
  • Integrating CloudApp with Slack means you can instantly record videos, GIFs or images and share them in a Slack conversation.
  • CloudApp’s integration with Intercom Customer Messaging means you can share content directly in your Intercom chats, then chat simultaneously with your customers while they view your videos. 

Answer support rockets with Video using CloudApp

Other helpful integrations for customer support tools include:

Save the novel writing for art, and the long phone calls for relationships worth phoning home about and switch to CloudApp. Your customers will be delighted to have a clear, easy to understand, and personalized response. And your team will be glad to have an easy way to break down complex solutions to help customers understand them. You’ll reduce ticket buildup and increase your customers’ happiness and satisfaction levels. 

CloudApp Vs. Other Screen Capture Tools

Like we mentioned before, you don’t want to trust just any screen recording tool. When deciding on the right screen recording tool to help you answer support tickets with video, make sure you evaluate the following features. 


Like we mentioned, CloudApp has a robust security program to make sure that all your content stays safe all the time. Over 53% of Fortune 500 Companies trust CloudApp with their screen recording data. 


Do you have to download three different apps and figure out how to make them work together just to take a simple screen recording? Don’t waste your time with complex programs when there’s a simple solution that may integrate seamlessly with the apps you’re already using. 


CloudApp is available on Mac, Windows, Linux, and even as a Chrome addon, meaning anyone on your team can use it, regardless of what device they’re using. 

Helpful Analytics

CloudApp sends weekly emails and provides valuable insights into your company’s usage. These metrics can provide useful information when you’re growing and organizing your business. 


Are you downloading a bloated application that will require you to keep each of your screen recordings on your hard drive? Save the space on your computer and save it automatically into the cloud with a video screen recording tool like CloudApp. 


Is it easy to quickly markup a video or annotate a screenshot? Can you use dual screen and webcam recording? CloudApp can do all this and more to ensure your creativity has a place to flow when answering support tickets with video. 


Software should save you money in the long run, not cost you more. CloudApp has an extremely capable and totally free version for individuals to use. And it’ll always stay free. However, CloudApp offers more advanced packages for individuals or enterprise teams that won’t break the bank if you need more capability.

Don’t Take Our Word For it. Try CloudApp for Free today. 

Reduce ticket backlog and delight your customers with easy-to-understand and personalized video responses to tickets. When using CloudApp, you can answer tickets faster and increase your customer happiness rates. The best part? It’s free and there is no learning curve to use it. Simply download a free trial today and start saving time. 

Have more questions? Get in touch or head over to our FAQ.

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