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Animated GIF Maker

Creating and sharing animated GIFs should be fun, not a tiring experience.

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CloudApp’s GIF creator is available for Mac, Windows, and Chrome. Downloading the tool is quick and easy. Simply download the app from GetCloudApp above, access it from the Apple Store for Mac, for PC from the Microsoft Windows Store, or go to the Chrome Webstore and add the extension to Chrome.

The New Way to Create and Share Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs have become a popular way for people to convey their messages effectively, on instant messaging applications and social networking platforms. In fact, even companies can integrate them into their external marketing or internal training to explain complex ideas intuitively. However, creating a GIF and sharing it with someone can be frustrating for some people because of the many steps they have to follow to do so. The good news is that with technology and the cloud, there is a new way which makes this tedious process both easy and efficient.

The Old Way of Creating Animated GIFs

With older GIF tools, if you wanted to make an animated GIF, here is the typical procedure:

  • Take screenshots of a video or use a software tool to divide your video into many frames.
  • Upload the images you want to create the animated GIF from into the GIF editing software.
  • Meddle with mindboggling settings and furiously click on the “create” button.
  • Save the GIF to your desired folder.
  • Go to your favorite social network and select the “upload” option to upload the GIF.
  • Find the folder where you saved your GIF and select it to upload.
  • Wait for it to upload.
  • Wait for likes, thumbs-ups, hearts, and +1s.

The New and Improved Way to Create an Animated GIF with CloudApp

With CloudApp, the process is as simple as clip, snip and share! Here are the 3 basic steps:

  • Click and select the area of the screen of which you want to create the GIF.
  • Using the snipping tool feature, the app will record your GIF (15 sec for free accounts and 1 min for paid accounts), leaving you with a link instantly added to your clipboard and your GIF saved to the cloud.
  • Share by pasting the link in your favorite productivity app or integrations for CloudApp!

Yes, it is that simple and easy to create an animated GIF with the help of CloudApp. The developers have designed the app to be a shortcut bridge between Animated GIF editor and a file sharing solution. It achieves that target excellently as it allows the creators to create and share their GIFs in an instant.

CloudApp – An Essential GIF Editor App

People have realized the importance of GIFs with the passage of time. At first, they shared their feelings by writing text. Images and videos allowed them to be more effective in communication but created an issue of resource consumption. Sharing videos (instructional or entertaining) is still a nightmare even on the most stable internet connections. Sharing several images to explain something is not efficient as opening and closing of the images disrupts and distracts. Here is why CloudApp is different:

  • It simplifies screen capturing with a variety of recording options and numerous editing tools for neat annotations
  • Creates a quick link as soon as you finish recording for instantaneous sharing
  • Stores files in the cloud securely, and available for sharing anytime you want
  • Ramps up your sharing speeds even more with a Chrome extension
  • Helps you prepare extensive yet easy-to-comprehend training material with video and voice recording
  • Allows you to annotate and markup your GIFs

Sharing is much easier and effective with GIFs that are as effective as videos but as light as images on the resources. There is no reason why you should not be creating your animated GIFs now that CloudApp has made it so convenient.

How to Get Started with a CloudApp Free Trial

CloudApp has excellently bridged the gap between screen recording and file sharing, and reduced the time of these processes considerably. You can find out how much more efficient it can make you when it comes to sharing instructions and creating training material by starting a free trial by signing up for CloudApp here.

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