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CloudApp allows users to quickly create and add text to GIFs. Communicate intricate details with captions, shapes and emojis. Your time is precious - get to the point and let your GIFs do the talking.
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Downloading the CloudApp snipping tool is quick and easy. Simply download the app from GetCloudApp, access it from the Mac Store or if you have a PC, from the Microsoft Windows Store. To get started, you should first register for an account, download the app, then install it on your machine and start snipping.
Add Text to GIF

Add Text to GIF For More Efficient Communication

Every organization is searching for ways to increase efficiency. Manufacturing, training and billing have all been put under the spotlight but the greatest opportunity lies in communication. Humans have been exchanging vital details using visual stimuli for thousands of years. Tap into the power of imagery and explain complex ideas instantly with our GIF and screen recorder. The future moves fast -- keep up with the power of CloudApp.

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60% of office workers prefer to collaborate visually.

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