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Close tickets 3x faster

Discover why Customer Support Teams around the world are using CloudApp to close tickets faster and with higher customer satisfaction rates.
CloudApp improves:
Support Material
Bug Tracking
Support Tickets
Steven Davis, Manager – Enterprise Support at Gainsight, saves his team $10k+ a year while providing a better Customer Support Experience answering questions with quick videos.

CloudApp can be revolutionary in assisting your customer support team. By providing tools that complement software and apps through integration, using CloudApp is seamless and won’t hinder productivity. CloudApp is ideal when it comes to visual communication – the app offers a native experience with a screen recorder, GIF maker, webcam recorder, all with or without annotations. Using these tools, you can transform the way you answer customer questions and provide them with help, boosting efficiency. Quickly respond by embedding a how-to GIF in an email, direct confused customers to the FAQ section complete with screen captures that supplement written descriptions, tackle specific problems by annotating content with drawings or text, or create a personalized webcam recording to provide in-depth explanations. No matter what kind of content you need to create to support your customers, CloudApp’s got you covered — because we understand that clarity and speed are of the utmost importance when it comes to providing customers with the help they need.

Easily create support materials and tutorials

It’s important to create quality content for customers, especially when they are struggling to solve a problem or are confused about how something works.

Tutorials: With CloudApp, making useful content that helps your customer solve problems is simple.

Here is how:

  • Open the screen recorder in CloudApp
  • Choose to enable your webcam, audio, or just show record the image
  • Click Record
  • Finish recording
  • Get instantly shareable, downloadable, embeddable link

Capture and share screen recorded tutorials instantly. A couple of keyboard strokes starts recording your screen. At the click of a button, begin recording a GIF or an HD video. You can also customize HD video recordings by including your webcam + audio, so that you can be there to personally guide customers. Once you’re done, CloudApp uploads the video for you and copies a link to your clipboard so you can quickly paste anywhere—email, chat, ticket, or support materials. Because being there for your customer shouldn’t have to be a hassle.

Provide customers with detailed answers

Cut to the chase by directing your customers to what you need to show them, all while keeping information private.

  • Use a GIF as a follow-along tutorial
  • Use an annotated screen capture with arrows and circles to point out details
  • Create a webcam screen recording that walks the customer through the solution to their problem.

CloudApp helps you respond quicker than ever with high-quality content that provides detailed answers. No more back-and-forth over email with wordy explanations that leave room for confusion. Just easy-to-follow content that gives customers the clarity and help that they need, so that they can get back to enjoying your product.

Integrations with your customer support tools

Great news! CloudApp can be used in conjunction with your favorite customer support apps and software to transform the way you work.


  • Zendesk
  • Help Scout
  • Jira
  • Freshdesk
  • Slack

All of CloudApp’s innovative tools are stored in our native app, which means no time is wasted opening different tabs or apps, looking through your files on your desktop. Everything is stored securely in the Cloud and can be shared with your team.

Improve response time by sharing visual explanations

Because visual content is consumed quicker than text, customers can receive help and get answers to their questions faster than ever. By creating content that covers everything, you can cut down on the follow-up questions and prevent any miscommunication that might occur over email. Because CloudApp automatically copies a link to your clipboard, sharing content is made easy. You can also embed content into emails to make it even easier for customers to view. Quick creation and easy sharing means you can close tickets faster and improve customer satisfaction.