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Accelerate the sales cycle and increase connection with your customers.
CloudApp improves:
Lead Tracking
Product Demos
Team Communication
G2 Crowd Sales team has built over $7m in sales pipeline using personalized video pitches that increases response rates from prospects.

Improve sales material with imagery

Use screen recording videos and GIFs to quickly highlight your product. Create engaging Sales material to catch your prospect’s attention.

Use visuals to convert leads

Deliver your message quickly and clearly the first time. In a world of 3-second attention spans, break through the noise with creative graphics and compelling visuals. No technical skills required, CloudApp does all the work.

Make product demos, connect with customers

No need to hassle prospects to schedule a demo with you. Quickly demo a feature by recording your screen. Send them small GIFs or videos of your most interesting features directly in tools like Outreach or Gmail. Catch their attention and adapt your conversation to their needs without spending hours creating new content.

Improve internal team communication

Use screenshots, GIFs and videos instead of long word-only emails to deliver prospects feedback to your Product Team seamlessly. Overcome the challenge of the asymmetry of technical and sales knowledge between teams. Use any of our integrations to work efficiently in your favorite app: Slack, Trello, Google Docs, Intercom and more.