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CloudApp Use Case for Product Teams


Use screenshots, annotations, GIFs, and video recordings to speed up the feedback process.
CloudApp improves:
Avoid Meetings
Sharing Assets
Learn how Kelly Eng, Product Manager at Adroll, uses GIFs and video to quickly communicate between the Engineering, Support and Product team.

Improve Internal Collaboration

Use videos, GIFs or annotated screenshots to communicate feedback with the rest of your team. Quickly send an option A and B to choose from, ask for changes with an arrow and a circle on a screenshot or report a bug with a screen recording. Give clear instructions to avoid unnecessary back-and-forth and shorten the feedback loop.

You Don't Need Another Meeting!

Your feedback is more complicated than an annotated screenshot? No need to go through the hassle of scheduling a meeting. Get your point across by recording a quick video of your screen and sending it right away to your teammates. Choose to record your screen with audio or even add a recording of your webcam at the same time.

Share Your Feedback Faster

Whatever tool you are working in, CloudApp makes it easy to capture and share your ideas. As soon as you are done creating your annotated screenshot or video, a link is automatically copied in your clipboard. Paste it in your favorite tool and the link will magically unfurl. Check all our integrations.

Collect All Feedback in One Secured Place

Everything you capture with CloudApp can be organized in Collections. You decide which Collection should be shared with your team and which one stays private. Organize your feedback per product, per sprint, or any other way you want. And since it’s stored in the Cloud, you can access it from anywhere. You don’t need to clutter your desktop.

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