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Use video to improve your email campaigns and speed up your content creation.
CloudApp improves:
A/B Testing
Create eye-catching content to win leads and wow customers. Plus, speed up your team: using CloudApp to develop campaigns speeds up your workflow by 3x.

Plan, draft, and revise marketing campaigns

Use screenshots, GIFs and videos instead of long word-only emails to deliver feedback to the teammates or agencies you work with. Overcome the challenge of the asymmetry of technical knowledge between teams. Use any of our integrations to work efficiently in your favorite app: Slack, Trello, Google Docs, WordPress and more.

Upgrade your content with visuals

The average person is exposed to anywhere between 5,000 and 10,000 ads per day. Capture and hold your audience’s attention by creating and adding video to your content. It doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can even make your content creation strategy faster!

Improve internal communication

Keep your team up-to-date about campaign performance and lead generation. Share screenshots of performance metrics, communicate revisions, and quickly provide feedback on marketing assets. Stop worrying about the hassle of sharing platform login information or ensuring that everyone on your team has the right software. Communicate quickly and effectively.

Quickly develop A/B tests and update content

Quickly identify target elements and communicate with your team using screenshots and recordings. Video & image links are copied to your clipboard and automatically stored in a folder to help you stay organized. You can also use the Collections feature to organize your most important content, to keep it accessible from your menu bar or taskbar, and to instantly share with a colleague or customer.

CloudApp Raises $9.3M Series A

View the announcement from CloudApp CEO Scott Smith