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Communicate with less words. Use screenshots, annotations, GIFs, and video recordings to streamline your design process.
CloudApp improves:
Product Feedback
Product Demos
Team Training
Video Production
Elina Lin, Senior Product Designer at LinkedIn, saves hours using CloudApp.

Give Product Feedback

Capture, annotate feedback, and share an instant link with your teammates.

Walkthrough Product Demos

Captivate your audience and show them how your product works with a quick video recording. Add your webcam and sound to personalize your message.

Document your Process for Team Training

Record your screen then quickly place the GIF or video in your documentation software of choice. Visuals are more powerful than words.

Save Time on Video Rendering

Work in video production? No need to render a video to show a quick change to a client or stakeholder. Record your screen, share a link, and get feedback.