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Upload & Share Files

Share any file by only sending a link. No more error messages from your email provider.

Supported Workflows

Share Large Files

Share any file by only sending a link. No more error messages from your email provider.

All in the Cloud

Choose your cloud storage provider or host your content with us—it’s free.

Secure Your Files

Protect your files with a password. Set expiration dates on the links you share.

Why store files in the cloud?

With CloudApp’s file hosting, you can upload small and large files of any type, and securely store them in the cloud, using your choice of cloud storage provider. Once uploaded, your data is searchable, can be organized in a collection, and 100% secure with encryption and password protection.

Easily upload and share content by using the link automatically copied to your clipboard after using any of CloudApp’s tools. Your cluttered desktop will thank you – all content is safely stored within the cloud for your security and convenience. No more waiting, and no more error messages. You can also simply drag and drop content to embed it.

Uploading & Sharing Made Easy

Uploading and sharing content can often be a hassle, especially when it comes to large files. They take forever to upload, and sometimes fail to do so. Some files are too big to be sent over email, leaving you frustrated and out of options. But it doesn’t have to be this way – you can transform the way you store and share by downloading CloudApp.

Upload & Share Files with CloudApp

CloudApp gives you all the tools you need to create valuable content: screen recorder, GIF creator, annotator and webcam recorder to name a few. Usually, uploading and sharing content of this nature would be a chore, but not anymore. When you use CloudApp to create content, it can be shared quickly by simply pasting the link automatically uploaded to your clipboard. You can also drag and drop the content from CloudApp straight to your desired platform to embed it. That means you can easily add screen captures, GIFs, or annotated images to emails, presentations or shared documents. Typically, you would have to use a software to make your content, save it to your computer somewhere, then use another software to share it. But CloudApp doesn’t require you to use a third platform. Everything can be done through the native app, saving you time and frustration.

Because CloudApp prioritizes your safety and security, we’ve made it easy for you to access what you need, but hard for others to get to it. All of your uploads are searchable and can be organized in a collection for your convenience.You can store your content in our secure cloud, and even choose to protect it with a password and set an expiration date.Whether you choose to share a link, drag and drop, or store in the cloud, you’ll thank CloudApp for saving you the hassle of digging through a cluttered desktop to find a file and the eternities spent waiting for it to send.

Uploading & Sharing Use Cases by Role

Engineering – Keep files stored in the cloud to maintain a clean desktop free of clutter. Large files can be quickly shared and won’t take up computer storage. You can even zip and send files using the native app.

Customer Support – Communication between the support team and customers should be frictionless. With CloudApp, you can cut down on the confusion crafted by lengthy emails by easily dragging and dropping screen captures or recordings into emails. Even customers who haven’t downloaded CloudApp yet can view any of the content you share with them – so nothing will ever get lost in translation again.

Sales – Don’t limit the way you share content with colleagues and customers – instead utilize the drag and drop feature of CloudApp. Enhance your presentations by adding screen captures, screen recordings, GIFs and much more that are sure to keep your audience engaged.

Product – Make collections to keep content for each product organized and accessible. This is crucial for product teams managing several projects that feature content for multiple products. You can even search your uploads, boosting efficiency.

More Use Cases by Role

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