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Reviewing the State of Productivity Infographic from CloudApp

January 18, 2020
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Welcome to the DNA and Experience podcast from Cloud App where we discuss how and why creating an experience is so important and the psychology behind what makes an experience so great. Thanks for joining us. Good morning. This is Joe over here at Cloud App and excited to chat with everyone today about the state of productivity infographic that we put out here it is right here. You can find it on our website. Get cloud app dot com. We did some unique research surveyed about 1000 people to really find out what people were spending their time on at the office Really focused on kind of the time wasters. And we found kind of some interesting things about what people thought was kind of being a waste of their time and thought that would be fun. Talk about here on a Friday, um, one into off office workers age 18 to 60 listed social media as their biggest time waster. Um, a little ironic, obviously, because I’m, you know, broadcasting this, um, through podcasts and linked in and other social channels. Um, but, you know, that can be something that quickly derails any productivity you have with project. You’re working on. We gotta live in in a very distracted world where way have lots of notifications, unlimited content to consume social media channels that we can, you know, peruse and kind of shut off your brain for a little bit and that, you know, takes a while to kind of get back in the pace of things can take good, like 30 to 60 minutes sometimes if you get distracted and kind of move off of a project to get back going so kind of knowing what these people are saying they’re spending their time on can help you to know how to improve on that. Um, one thing I thought was interesting that if you look it kind of up and coming generations of Gen Z, which is anywhere from 18 to 25 so kind of just entering the workforce if they’re just graduating college or, you know, have have kind of got went straight from high school for the workforce, Um, one in five of them are spending 10 plus hours of their work week watching YouTube, Tik Tok and other social related video. So that kind of shows what growth is happening within social within Gen Z and also could be related a little bit, too wanting to have a little bit more of that flexibility. We send a trend with remote work in the growth there and how things have kind, kind of moved towards people having more intellectual, flexible days, flexible time at the office and less of, ah, like 9 to 5 more of, ah, get my work done and account balance in my life. Um, the other thing is, and I kind of felt this Maura a big company. But, um, 40% of all office workers listed that they were in two plus hours of meetings a day. So obviously meetings can definitely be productive, but sometimes they can take away from that actual work that kind of drives the business. There are a lot of times when I was at a much larger company that go to meetings and, um, and I’d end up having to do know my day to day work at home and or I’d get behind and put a little bit lot more stress on kind of working and having that flexibility of work. Um, so definitely mindful of meetings and how many you’re scheduling, Um, kind of near my time. At Adobe, I really loved doing like, 15 minutes stand up meetings with my teams and, uh, cutting down like, 60 minute meetings into 45. It’s amazing how you know, if you come in with clear agenda, you established kind of rules of engagement for meetings and kind of everyone knows what to expect. And then you kind of roll through the meeting. You keep people on task, and then you have kind of clear take ways, how much more they could be effective and how much less time you’re spending your time in meetings. The other one that I wanted to talk about was, um, from the State of Collaboration report that we released in October, and it’s kind of tied in with this in that 60% of office workers. I prefer to collaborate visually. So finding way spring visuals in, um Weatherby through Power Point or sending screenshots gifts or videos you produce with cloud app or just kind of connecting Maura. That remote workforce and adding collaboration and reducing the amount of time you have to spend on writing out long e mails was can be really effective to saving time. Um, as we move towards kind of 2020 it’s interesting to kind of evaluate where you’re spending your own time. Um, in kind of episode one of this podcast DNA and experience that we run here, cloud app. I interviewed a Nir a all who wrote a book called In Distractible, and there was really cool technique that he kind of brought up, and it was about time blocking. So it’s about kind of really owning your calendar and blocking out times when you were working on certain projects. You can have, you know, your your longer term projects that you spent time on your shorter sermons. You can block out time for your one on ones with your team. Andi actually even went as far as blocking out time with his family. So, like he would have blocked out time for one on ones with his Children and date night with his wife, and how that really helped him gain control and said his phone aside and and really have that balance that he’s looking for in his life. So the biggest kind of time wasters from the simple graph that you can find on get cloud app dot com were social chatty co workers. Which kind of be maybe a a piece of like these open offices that the everyone’s moved to, um, social video for Gen. Z specifically. And meetings also found something interesting about baby boomers. They’re two times more likely to say social media or the Internet is their biggest time. Oyster, um, so interesting that it kind of spans all generations and then one other. That was kind of interesting. There’s a bunch of stats in here, but 40% of Gen Z list slow WiFi or computers or technology as they’re kind of an inhibitor. So we rely on a lot of different productivity and collaboration. APS, um, sales force and Google, Andi analytics and lots of other things. And so what? Those tools go down, you know, like slack goes down, and it really puts an inhibitor on your ability to get work done. So finding ways that you can kind of really remove those distractions create opportunities to be really productive when you are kind of working and finding the tool set that really fits your needs, so that when you are, you know, being productive work which no one could be 100% productive all the time that you’re really maximizing that time. So hopefully this infographic is helpful and it kind of shows you what trends air happening generationally and currently in the office. Definitely. Take a look. Um, and visit. You know, the infographic get cloud app dot com on our block and you will be able to kind of Seymour unique research that we’re putting out in the near future. Hope everyone has a good Friday and I will talk to you again soon. Thank you. Thanks for joining the DNA Of an experienced podcast. We hope you learn something that will help improve your collaboration and enhance the experience you create for your customer. Join the collaboration 2.0 movement today by getting cloud app the instant business communication tool used to create instantly shareable videos, screenshots and GiFs perfect for both internal and external communication. Get started for free at www dot get cloud app dot com. Thank you. Look forward to seeing you next time