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Reviewing stats around the Future of Work from the State of Collaboration report from CloudApp

January 19, 2020
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Welcome to the DNA and experience podcast from cloud app where we discuss how and why creating an experience is so important and the psychology behind what makes an experience so great. Thanks for joining us. Hello, everyone. I am excited to go through the State of Collaboration report from cloud app today. Um, I was hoping to be able to share my screen, but I’m just going to kind of share some of the stats and talk through that with you today. So we did a survey of 1000 U. S. Office workers aged 18 to 60 and we wanted to find out really what, um, people were feeling about collaboration about remote work and looks a generational differences and find out how they want to collaborate, how to create some tips to integrate into your business from these results. So some of the key insights is we found that majority of Gen. Z and Millennials are working remotely each week. That could be a CZ little as once a week, half the time full time. But there’s a lot of kind of emerging generations, um, that are now becoming a majority of the work force that are choosing to work from home, um, for various reasons, either there away from the mother ship and headquarters, and just live in a different location, choosing to live away from just crazy, expensive places like the Bay Area or New York, living a little further away from those places and maybe commuting in a couple of days a week but working from home and then also just flexibility. There’s a lot of focus on work, life, balance and mindfulness on wanting to be healthy and have a longer career. And so these groups are focusing on ways to do that by working from home occasionally, Um, and really trying to find that that that balance way also found that one in four office workers in general in the in the entire span is working from home at least half the time. So, um, you know, that brings up some interesting challenges when you’re going through remote work. And I’ve talked about a couple of times on these live broadcasts and also on a podcast that Iran called the DNA of an experience about ways to engage with remote workers. There’s tools out there, like obviously, Zoom who I P O this year. Cloud app. Eyes ah, instant business communication tool that allows connection with remote workers through the creation of videos, screenshots and GiFs. There’s tools like Air Table for Calendar uh, kind of shared calendar things. Asana for tasks, lots of different tools out there to enable you obviously slack as well. Which is another stat we looked at was Gen Z office workers love slack on Gen Xers are the ones who are all in on video. So the majority of those kind of groups they showed the highest year of visits to or affinity for those tools. So, um, that slack with the younger generation is kind of ah, really informal way to communicate incorporates gifts and emojis in kind of a fun way, which is why it’s grasp onto them. And Gen Xers was actually a little surprising with how they were all in on video. I was expecting that to be maybe more millennial or gen z generations. Um, but Gen Xers have jumped in on video conferencing more than 12 Office workers say they would collaborate more done visually, So, uh, not just remote workers, but everyone in the office is looking for ways to connect differently and more visually. So lots of, um you old adages around pictures worth 1000 words. So what’s a video worth these ways to communicate differently can really connect audiences in a faster, more efficient way. Um, I’ve loved using, uh, zoom to connect with, uh, people that I’ve managed both. When I was with adobe and hear it cloud app when we’re not in the office or or, you know, we cloud app have, a, Utah office but our headquarters in the Bay Area. So we connect a lot on Zoom and also use our own tool cloud app to send videos of ourselves kind of talking through a deck or, um, a design or something where we can connect without necessarily having to meet. So eliminating those meetings, eliminating long e mails where you’re trying to explain something, could be really helpful and can help kind of jump in on that visual collaboration. The next one was found that more than 60% excuse me of Gen Z and Millennials said they would collaborate. More done visually, so is one and two for the entire sampled and 60% for Gen. Z millennials so a little bit higher than the base sample. So it’s showing that this new emerging generation is two generations are looking for different ways to collaborate. They’re recognizing the ways that visual things can improve the connection and make things a little bit faster and maybe save them some time. Um, in the kind of last key insight. And then there’s 20 other stats in this report that I’m not gonna talk about. But 94% of office workers list team collaboration is top priority. So business is definitely recognize the need for, ah, focus on collaboration, enabling teams with these tools to be able to help them collaborate properly and also really get head of remote work. Um, and kind of the shift there’d the gig economy where we may not have these centralized offices. So I wrote a guest post for Qualtrics that’s going live this week, and one of the things was talking about, um, I mentioned you know, these things. Big tech tech companies. I’ve had a lot of friends at Google and Facebook, and, uh, I always went through Adobe. And so these big tech companies have these massive headquarters with all these cool amenities and a really fun, you know, culture and everything and really built to keep the people in the office. And I have to leave so you can eat there. You can get your laundry done. There’s gyms and things like that. But is that, uh is the remote future where people are more hanging out at home and companies are enabling them to be able to work from home or work remotely? If if they’re not at headquarters, is that more of the future of business in the future of work? So, uh, this report was a lot of fun to put together, Um, and kind of goes back thio some things I’ve been known for in the past, and I look forward to kind of providing more of this in the future. Um, we’re looking to do kind of one on the state of productivity. Um may dive deeper into the remote work as well. And I had some good feedback on the last link in live that was kind of talking about remote work and had some good comments on how people were, uh, staying productive and connecting. Um, I think one of the things with remote work is throwing out the door. Any conceptions you had previously. If working in office, those things you know, may those things come naturally, like culture and connection when you have people around you. But when you’re working remotely, you really need to kind of see those things out. So finding ways to connect on slack through informal means, like I talked about in the last live and finding ways to connect as a team, definitely looking for ways to become, um, meet in person at least at least once a year, if not more if possible, and building those kind of side relationships so those things can fuel slack conversations and in connection. And then you’ll find that projects go smoother. I know when I was, I worked in the Adobe Utah office, and so that’s obviously away from headquarters in San Jose. And I always found that when I would hit a roadblock with a project if I flew out to headquarters and met with the person, if especially it was our first time meeting. Just having that little face to face interaction really provided a lot of a lot of benefit on to get help from both of us. Um, so take a look at the report. You can find it on get cloud up dot com slash blog. It’ll just be there on the featured post. You can also find it on my Twitter account at Jodi. Marty. It’ll be the pin tweet after this and apologies we for kind of a blank background on the office here. We just moved into a new space in Utah and so it’s ah kind of plane, but I’m looking forward to talking again soon. Thank you and have a good rest of the day. Thanks for joining the DNA of an experienced podcast way. Hope you learn something that will help improve your collaboration and a fancy experience. You create your customer, join the collaboration 2.0 movement today by getting cloud app the instant business communication tool used to create shareable videos, screenshots and GiFs perfect for both internal and external communication. Get started for free at www dot get cloud app dot com. Thank you. Look forward to seeing you next time