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Productivity apps – how they can improve your PERSONAL experience at work

January 19, 2020
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welcome to the DNA and experience podcast from Cloud app, where we discuss how and why creating experience is so important and the psychology behind what makes an experience so great. Thanks for joining us all right. Today I want to talk about meetings who loves meetings out there. I’m sure that there are so many people that are raising their hands right now that I wouldn’t be able to count. So meetings have definitely a purpose. There’s a lot of value and getting people together, being all the talk through things, set up a plan. Ah, have some outcomes and be able to kind of progress projects coming from a huge company in Adobe. There is also a lot of opportunity to really a line on large projects, so we’d have some campaigns. You know, there were multi $1,000,000 campaigns that had four or five different teams working on different aspects of it, and you really had to kind of sync up every now and then to get value out of that, Um, and make sure that things were lined up. I also really loved one on one meetings that have skipped level meetings where I’d meet with an executive and build that kind of chat through things with them. So meetings have some value. Ah, and sometimes they can take over your day. Ah, maybe you can avoid it. Maybe you can’t. So first, I kind of wanted to talk through a couple of productivity APS Ah, that I’ve been using for the last couple of years. That really helped me when my schedule can sometimes get bogged down by meetings. Definitely has been a lot lighter with cloud Up where I don’t have a CZ many teams or large campaigns with lots of complexity to work on like I did with adobe. But I like to be able to have a good productivity stack to really find success. So a couple that I’ve worked with for a few years, um, first, is slack. I think we a lot of us have jumped on slack and been able to kind of find value there. Ah, there’s a lot of opportunity to really learn, um, how to communicate with people. I think it’s great for connect connecting remote teams at Adobe. I worked in the Utah office, and a lot of my team was in at headquarters in San Jose. So slack provider. Really fun and formal way to stay connected and really learn from each other and follow up on projects. I also love since college, my undergrad and grad school. I guess grad school most was G sweet. So Google Doc school, she’d school slides. Uh, those have been super valuable to collaborate on. So if you have, you know, projects that really need a bunch of different eyes on them Google docks has been a great way to connect on those things. Uh, I usually like to end things in, uh, the Microsoft Suite s so I can do a little bit more editing and definitely using Excel for what I’m doing analysis. But G sweet provides a nice starting point for those things. One of my favorite things that I’ve done recently to G suite is ah, one on ones on Google docks. So really looking at Google docks. And I can look back at previous week to see what we talked about, kind of what people’s tasks are and helps me to align my mind to everything that’s kind of going on. And, uh, you know, if really, if you’re able to write down things like that and and be proactive. Then you’re able To, stay on task and get more done. So G suite has been great. Um, one that have recently been testing out is called calendar dot com, which is pretty cool. It’s ah, run by a friend of mine named John Rampton, and callen, dr dot com provides some really great data on your calendar. So it sinks with your calendar, and it will show you some really interesting people. Analytics on nohow. How ah, long are your 15 or you’re our meetings actually going Can you cut those back? Where can you kind of optimize your calendar? Lots of cool stuff going on with calendar dot com. That’s when I really enjoyed um, I’ve had this in my stack for awhile and loved it so much that I joined the company. Ah, that’s cloud up. So I’ve been using it for probably a year and 1/2 to 2 years. Uh, clot up is a screenshot screen recording and give creation tool that provides, you know, instant business communication. Visually. So pretty cool that you can create these visual tools visual collateral that links to slack and other work flows. Ah, I found it. A really useful use case for marketing was connecting with design teams. So at Adobe, why do these really long demand? Gen reports Ah, for this adobe digital insights team that we called it and these demanding reports, uh, we’d have these long back and forth e mails with marked up P D EFS going back and forth to make it right. And eventually I started using cloud app to record myself talking through the doc. Ah, and I found it was easier way too express myself. Uh, auditory lee visually versus writing something down. And it was a way to skip a meeting. And I’ve been using cloud up to skip meetings ever since, Ah, where I could just say, Hey, can I just explain this to you in a video and send it on slack versus, like, someone calling me or or setting up a 15 minute meeting? So it’s been really valuable there. Ah, to do ist is when I’ve loved as well. To do it is kind of like a to do list app both Web based and on your phone. Uh, and I started using that cause at the end of the night and I know a lot of other people who have this I would always come up with new thoughts right before I fell asleep. S o, I have a notebook by my bed. I’ll write those things down and and kind of process in the next day. And to do list was kind of like is my next step. So I take things from my notebook. I’ll put it in to do list and kind of make it a task list for myself. And I can refer back to those ideas and decide if I want to flush them out a little bit more or not. Uh, the other thing that I picked up here at cloud up is a sauna. Um, so on my team, Maile, wait is in a asana ninja. And so I’ve learned a lot from her. Ah, on how to one assigned tasks to my team, Um, add priority and and really crank through things that way and also tasked to myself. So it really helps me to know what I need to focus on what I need to get better on and what for a longer term in short term projects where I’m kind of at war my progresses. So Asana has been great for that. Um, there’s ah, interesting stat from a survey that cloud up is gonna be releasing in a couple weeks that 40% of office workers spend three more three or more hours a day in meetings. So ah, you know, back to my first point for those people that are kind of crushed by meetings, these productivity app skin one kind of help you relieve some of that if you’re able to get work done quicker and to hopefully you know, tools like calendar dot com can really help you to know, um, how to optimize your calendar and another kind of thing I’ve learned on and have been practicing for a while and and got reinforced, Um, the value of it with a podcast they did with near A All a couple weeks ago. He’s the New York Times best selling author of Hooked and just Came out in distractible. Um, we did on the d n A and experience podcast from cloud up. We talked about time blocking and really creating moments in your calendar. Ah, you know, people say that they don’t have time for anything. But, ah, if you, you know, block out time for things, you’ll find ways to make it happen. So each day I like to have, ah, a couple of hours, ideally of productivity time. And that’s where I’m kind of secluded. I’ll go off Ah, away from kind of all the noise of the office and open my turn off all my notifications and really just kind of, um, zone into what I need to focus on for that day. And I’ve found that that’s really a great way for me to, um, one feel like I’ve fully accomplished something and been proactive and not just reactive for the day. Um and also just know that I I checked some major things off that I needed to do that day. So that kind of links back to asana to do ist and those other things. So I’m I’m loving this collaboration productivity mindset that the world is kind of moving to right now. I think remote work is a big piece of that where it requires you to need to connect on different mediums excited to kind of be a part of cloud up. That is a piece of that and how visuals can really connect people and reduce meeting needs. Um, but I think those productivity apps really cool. And I hope that people are commenting and getting giving feedback on maps that you’re using, and I look forward to hearing about that and checking those out. Uh, and I hope that what I kind of went through today on my stack and what we’ve kind of been using here it cloud up is valuable for you. So go ahead and check out, um, cloud up to do ist asana calendar dot com g sweet and slack if you haven’t already and comment or respond with any other APS that you’re using in your stack, and I look forward to checking those out. Thank you. Have a good day. Thanks for joining the D. N A. Of an experienced podcast. We hope you learn something that will help improve your collaboration and enhance the experience you create for your customer. Join the collaboration 2.0 movement today by getting cloud up the instant business communication tool used to create instantly shareable, videos, screenshots and GiFs perfect for both internal and external communication. Get started for free at www dot get cloud up dot com. Thank you. We look forward to seeing you next time.