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Customer service is a key piece of customer experience. How to turn detractors into promoters

January 6, 2020
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Welcome to the DNA and Experience podcast from Cloud App, where we discuss how and why creating an experience is so important and the psychology behind what makes an experience so great. Thanks for joining us. Today we will talk about customer experience as it relates to customer service. So I, um, I kind of was inspired a little bit by this with seeing that Apple had released another update to its IOS 13 platform. That makes I think, five since it was released, and that kind of, um, made me feel good as it’s a company that has unlimited resources and still has to put products out, maybe a little early. Then they’re ready and do a lot of bug fixes, and patch is definitely at Cloud App. We’ve, you know, had some product updates this year that we put out and have had to do some updates and other things. And, you know, with that comes a lot of people complaining when things are broken, which is rightfully so, cause you kind of get used to having a product working and then when it doesn’t it makes it really hard. So, um, I saw some examples of some good ways to kind of manage that, um, from both your company’s side and also your customer side. It’s that we’re all customers as well as business runners. So kind of, obviously, the old adage put yourself in the customer shoes is helpful. We’ve all had an experience where a product hasn’t worked or a service that we had signed up for wasn’t working. And we’ve had to engage with customer service or connect with someone from that company to fix the problem. And one thing I loved that I saw from the Cloud App CEO, Scott Smith, this past week is we had some outages with Cloud App with some of our servers and he personally reached out to a few people, you know, that we’re very dissatisfied and upset. Rightfully so. And he said, Hey, you know, let’s do a quick zoom call and connect, and you know, I can hopefully answer any of your questions and concerns that you’re dealing with. Um, that’s kind of the first thing is, don’t shy away from that conflict. Um, know that if you’re a sass business but also in retail and travel in every industry, you’re gonna run into issues. It’s not always going to be perfect customers are going to be upset of things. And, um, I think expectations on the customer side have never been higher for sass and other retail business. As everyone’s putting a focus on experience, so know that those conflicts they’re gonna come up and don’t shy away from them. Don’t just sweep them under the rug or think that if you don’t respond, it’ll go away. It usually just festers. Um, so we have ah customer support team here at Cloud App, and they’re, you know, working regular business hours and not working weekends currently. So we aren’t, you know, we’re a small company, so we don’t have 24/7 customer support quite yet, like a lot of large companies might. And so sometimes we’ll get people that will reach out like on a Friday afternoon, and they won’t get touched in the queue. And then, you know, they’ll kind of stew over the weekend and maybe complain on social networks and things. So that’s definitely not something we want to have. But when that does happen and it will, um, try and connect with those people 1 to 1 and see how you can make things better. So a couple of tips are allowing the people to talk. Um, don’t try. And a lot of times, you know, it’s actually a little bit like a marriage or relationship. Is that sometimes, um, either party doesn’t necessarily want something immediately fixed. Some things they just want to be listened to so allow customers to talk. Um, definitely being a mindset of caring as that of Cloud App, you know, for such a small company, we have around three million users, but, you know, we need every single one of them. Feedback is critical to kind of us advancing and growing, and we need kind of those loyal customers. And so we have kind of a cultural of care, a culture of caring, because we really can’t lose those customers. We need them. Um, and we want them. We want them to be a part of what we’re growing over here. Definitely used the good use good tone, um, and try to be neutral to everything and don’t react So you don’t want it to turn into an experience where you’re taking things personally. Um, you kind of need to take your mind set out of the product is your baby and you’re trying to defend it. So put yourself in a user perspective of Hey, you know, this cost me time and money in my business. And, you know, that’s not something I want to be acceptable. Um, have full attention and focus. If you’re like on a zoom call with a customer or connecting with someone, have your slack notifications turned off, um, be focused and attentive and really, um, look for ways to connect directly. Um, one thing also is really trying to move those angry conversations which happened a lot of the time on, um, social media these days is moving those to a different forum, making a little bit more private. You can move those to a 1 to 1 like phone call on zoom, or if you can take care of it on email, find a place that you can have more of Ah, 1 to 1 conversation versus them. Having a one too many conversation. Um, I like, uh, this tip I learned from Oracle while go to, um was to set limits. So It’s good to have kind of established time limit that you can have and understand that you both are gonna try and resolve that conflict and then have established, like, next step. So if you aren’t able to resolve the concern or fix the issue on the phone call or on zoom caller over, you know have next step. So they don’t feel like basically soaking build momentum. So you want to be able to have your conversation and then have it continually to resolve. Um, so like I mentioned the other day, Scott was talking with a customer, and he’s great. But, you know, doing this 1 on 1 was able to resolve the concerns. And then, um, you know, those persons become loyalists again, Like we’ve had people where Scott’s done this. Our customer support team has done this and they will delete their social post or they’ll re post on social and say, Hey, you know, I was upset at Cloud App and I’ve resolved everything and still very loyal customer. So it provides that opportunity to really turn that direct detractor like I mentioned into a loyalist. Um and that’s what you really want. You know you want to have a customer focus business where you’re really driving on feedback and your road map is tied to that. And it really provides some urgency to not have a lot of downtime because, you know, you want to continually focus and provide that value to your customers so that they want to keep using you and kind of grow with you. So, um, to kind of recap a couple of tips is definitely allow the customer to talk. Show you care, Use good tone. Um, focus. Try not to react. Um, look for ways that you can connect with them and provide next steps and make sure that the issue is resolved, and then you have clear next steps for them. So they aren’t, you know, feeling maybe like it wasn’t resolved. And then they try and connect with you again on email and you aren’t responsive. Could end up being worse than it was before. So those things can all be helpful to build that experience and help people at the, you know, really bottom of the funnel, where, um, they’ve hopefully had a good experience through all the other pass. And then once you get to customer support. You’re, you know, immediately resolving those concerns so that they can be a helpful customer and can help continue to contribute to the value of your business. So hopefully those things are helpful. Definitely add to conversation if you have any comments and look forward to talking to you all again next week. Thanks for joining us. Thanks for joining the DNA of an Experienced podcast. We hope you learn something that will help improve your collaboration and enhance the experience you create for your customer. Join the collaboration 2.0 movement today by getting Cloud App; the instant business communication tool used to create instantly shareable videos, screenshots and GiFs perfect for both internal and external communication. Get started for free at www dot get cloud app dot com. Thank you. Look forward to seeing you next time.