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5 keys to Creating a Demand Gen Report

January 19, 2020
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welcome to the DNA and experience podcast from Cloud App where we discuss how and why creating an experience is so important and the psychology behind what makes an experience so great. Thanks for joining us behind the scenes of the State of Collaboration report. So he did this report. Did this report called the State of Collaboration Q 3 2019 And I’ve been doing this quite a bit during these longer formed imagine pieces over the last decade or so with Adobe and cloud app. So I thought it would be cool. To, maybe share some of the tips I’ve learned long way of how to create those things so I created just five keys that I want to go over. Um, really kind of the start is hypothesizing and strategizing What type of piece of content you want to create. So with this State of Collaboration report that we created, I wanted to, you know, think about both selfishly, from a business perspective, what we could kind of gain from a survey on helping build our strategy from consumers. Um and then also just create some thought leadership, you know, collaboration is kind of a hot topic. Right now, it’s about a $16 billion industry. Leaders like Slack and Zoom are out there kind of creating waves. And so, uh, when I was putting together this survey, um, the questions all kind of tailored around what I really wanted to see in collaboration. So I put the questions together. There was around 10 of them and kind of hypothesized what I expected to see. So, um, the questions were anywhere from like, how do you prefer to collaborate with your co workers? How often are you working from home things like that around remote work in collaboration. And I was expecting to see, you know, a big growth and remote work eyes expecting to see some generational differences between baby boomers and Gen Z as an example. And I was expecting to see, um, certain things about how people are kind of using different tools in the modern workplace. And so that was kind of leading my hypothesis in these creating these questions on the survey. So then we feel that survey and it was too 1000 U. S office workers ages 18 to 60. So you kind of set up your methodology, you know, If you want to just focus on one demographic, you can. I wanted to have kind of, ah, lot of differences and demographics to be able to see how things were separate and kind of See how Gen z specifically and millennials differed from Gen X and Baby Boomer. So we filled its survey and, um, the questions, you know, we’re all guilty of being around that hypothesis. And then you also kind of need to think about, uh what? The purpose of of what you’re doing is in the end. So my purpose again, I mentioned Was to be able to have, um, be able to have results that could drive our strategy and then also results so we could kind of share for thought leadership and demand gin. Um, so I thought about those ahead of time and then have a, you know, a key theme or a purpose. So the key theme for me was collaboration remote work and pairing those two things together and really trying to find a happy medium of where we’re going in the future, work in modern workplace, then the fun part, the analyzing the data. So if you feel the survey through Qualtrics or Surveymonkey or, um, you know, any other survey service, they’re gonna kind of just give you back a dump of data. Um, and really, it’s up to you to kind of come up with something creative from it. So, uh, you know, whether you like to use pivot tables or sequel, um, or whatever kind of your tool choices. I was mostly in excel using pivot tables and kind of coming up with the results. Um, but the data, you know, that that comes back from those people wasn’t isn’t always the most exciting. So you need to kind of create a story with it. So, um, if you go to my report that I created, it’s on get cloud up dot com, Um, under R e book section, you’ll see that kind of I created kind of some key insights and story lines from it so bubbling up. You know, any time you can have a generational difference, it’s usually pretty exciting to share. So I found that the majority of Gen. Z works remotely each week. One in four office workers work from home at least half the time Gen Z office workers love slack most, and Gen Xers are actually all in on video, which was actually a little surprising. I would expected Gen Z and millennials to be a little higher on video. More than one in two office workers say they would collaborate more done visually, with 60% of Gen Z and Millennials, so they would collaborate more done visually. And then 94% of office workers said team collaboration is top priority for them. So those were kind of the story lines that I bubbled up. Um, the actual report has now 50 insights or so in it, and I bubbled up probably 6 to 10 of those to make it press worthy and a little more digestible. And then I also turned each of those six into, um, social share Able charts. So that’s kind of the next piece is created. Really, Um, I like to call it content efficiency, So you start with a really high level demand in peace on that feeds into some block posts. It feeds into some social tidbit feeds into demand Gens that you can do on different sources linked in, or Facebook or Google and generate leads from that and it’s really all from one piece of content. So, uh, love putting these, like, longer form demand in pieces together, my five keys again are kind of hypothesized the results that you wanted to see on that Hopefully, you know, some of your hypotheses match up with actual results. Um, create kind of the questions that you are hoping to see fit in with your hypothesis ahead of time and what you expect to see questions that feed into what you might expect, Uh, have your key themes have a central purpose. So, um, if someone’s doing your survey or you wanna have kind of a ski theme within that survey, analyze the data and then lastly, um, you know, make lots of pieces from that one kind of data analysis. So research is really fun to do. It can produce a lot of great content and can have really long, uh, long reach and longevity as far as people referencing data. So, um, look to do demand in pieces longer, form pieces of content and definitely check out the collaboration report that I put together for cloud up. Um, I’ll linked to it in the comments section, um of everything that I’m releasing this onto. So take a look at the collaboration report on. Hopefully that will kind of inspire you to lead some future research for your company in the future. Have a great day and we will talk soon. Thank you. Thanks for joining the DNA Of an experienced podcast. We hope you learn something that will help improve your collaboration and enhance the experience you create for your customer. Join the collabaration 2.0 movement today by getting cloud app; the instant business communication tool used to create instantly shareable videos, screenshots and GiFs perfect for both internal and external communication. Get started for free at www dot get cloud app dot com. Thank you. Look forward to seeing you next time.