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4.7 out of 5
4.7 out of 5
9.4 out of 10

"The videos are actually selling for us when we are not around."

Olivier L'Abbé

SVP of Sales

G2 Crowd
G2 Crowd

"I can’t remember how I worked before. I used Snagit for a few years but when I got introduced to CloudApp, there was no turning back."

Tim Thyne

Head of Sales at Help scout

Help Scout
Help Scout

CloudApp saves me a lot of time. I use it almost everyday to share design ideas, annotate visual bugs, capture GIFs or videos, and show quick workflows and animations.

Alex Meunch

Product Designer


"Easy to use, always there for me when I need it."

Jake Bartlett

Senior Customer Advocate

"I’m a big fan of CloudApp and have used it daily for many years now."

Mark Dicristina

VP of Marketing


"CloudApp is a key part of my day to day work life! It is the fastest way to share, period."

Maxime Prades

Director of Product


"CloudApp is the workhorse of team productivity."

Hagan Degirmanci

Brand Development Lead

"Easy to use and very often used :)"

Liz Pham

"Easy, good looking, affordable."

Gerard Roy

Account Executive

"Very useful!"

Pallavi Damera

Sr. UX Researcher

Getty Images
Getty Images

"We use CloudApp primarily for handling feedback. We’re big advocates of the “show, don’t tell” principle at Intercom, and CloudApp helps us achieve that."

Geoffrey Keating

Content Marketing Manager at intercom

"Leveraging CloudApp in our Github pull requests and during conversations with our Engineering team saves us about 50 minutes every day!"

Josh Wyse

Sr. Software Developer

Cloud Elements
Cloud Elements

"Ease of use, ability to make animated gifs without taking multiple steps. Ability to customize keyboard shortcuts, terrific customer success onboarding rep, and simple tools. Low learning curve."

Jonathan Hau

Product Manager

"I use CloudApp constantly, whether to quickly explain or show something to someone else, quickly share code snippets, or to collect GIFs from the web. It takes so little time and always saves much that would otherwise be spent in back-and-forths of clarifying questions."

Ben Adamski

Instructor & Web Developer

"CloudApp is a game changer when it comes to providing support to our users. Their product gives our team the ability to really personalize our support experience - by providing quick recordings, GIFs, annotated screenshots, and custom URLs just to name a few of the great features available to us. We save time and money using CloudApp - if you aren't using it, you're behind."

Drew Dunsford

Senior Support Specialist


"Awesome app. It makes communicating so much easier with those who need more to understand."

Harvey Magana

Customer Support

"Instead of writing out a huge long descriptive text answer, we show rather than tell."

Andrew Mewborn

Team Lead

"It's always an extra delight when the customer is so impressed that they send you a GIF back or when they call us by name. This connection also brings down the frustration level of the customer."

Darcy Peters

Customer Advocacy Lead at buffer


“CloudApp helps me show my work with my team and our customers quickly and effectively. I love how easy it is to make sure we’re producing the highest quality work and can draw attention to the things that matter."

Sara Pion

Customer Advocate & Marketing at DRIFT


"You guys are killing it at CloudApp."

Mario Rocchi

Product Designer

"CloudApp gives us the ability to clearly and quickly show our customers how to use areas of our software, or how to custom configure something to their needs while using our documentation"

Sean O'Hara

Senior Technical Support Manager


"Great product!"

Kevin Walter

Solutions Engineer

"Sleek, robust and UX is top shelf"

Bastien Tracol

Sales Development, EMEA

It's amazing and the GIF Making is top notch.

Zroude Bush


"CloudApp just got me to switch over from Droplr & Annotate with the awesome markup tool. Amazing."

Nick Giovacchini

Product Manager

"It’s better if they can see a video while showing them how to use our software. It just saves so many steps."

Caty Black

Customer Care Team Lead

Social Tables
Social Tables

"Very easy to use at the first time. Great sharing function."

Weiyun Hsu

UX Designer

"It rules!"

Nate Rattner

Content Analyst


'CloudApp eliminated the need for the rep to type down mile long responses and the personalization is what sets us apart.'

Steve Davis

Customer Support Manager


"Great app!"

Antonio Mendes

Web Developer


"I’d be lost without CloudApp."

Kelly Herring

Customer Champion

"As someone that works for a company selling a SaaS tool, I need to constantly provide screenshots and recordings to send to customers. Having the ability to not only get these but also being able to annotate them is incredibly valuable!"

Brian Crable

Customer Success Manager

"Best file sharing service hands down, CloudApp."

"CloudApp helped us see a 2x increase in the amount of marketing activities we could do per week, which helped us achieve a 10x growth in revenue this year."

Ryan O’hara

VP of Growth and Marketing

"CloudApp truly is screenshot software on steroids, and as easy to use as the simplest of screenshot tools."

Louis Lazaris

Freelance Web Developer

"...because honestly, CloudApp saves my life probably 600 times per day. The BEST for sharing my screen shots to Slack."

Jason Michael

Customer Support Manager

"CloudApp allows me to quickly share visual mockups with my team and get feedback almost instantly. In a way, CloudApp is actually helping me shift my career in a brand new direction."

Justin Veenema

Community Builder

Loop Digital Marketing
Loop Digital Marketing

"Awesome app, especially the screen cast feature which allows me to quickly create step by steps for my customers. 10/10 recommend."

Romain Rothier

Solution Consultant

"It is one of the most powerful visual communication platforms with an added security feature as well."

Pankaj Narang


"Finally can get rid of Skitch thanks to CloudApp."

James Deer


"Trying out CloudApp annotate - finally can ditch Skitch!"

Shu Uesugi

Designer / Developer

"Best. App. Ever. You've made supporting customers and training newer members of the team remotely so easy and simple. Thank you!"

Janice Burch

Customer Support


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