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Free video templates

CloudApp has the template you need to quickly record and share a explainer video for your product.

Choose or reuse

CloudApp prcduct templates are ready out of the box. Feeling inspired? CloudApp makes it easy to create custom templates.

Get to the point

It's not about the email; it's about sending a message. Your customers deserve a better class of explainer videos.

Single-click sharing

Product explainer videos automagically upload with a link copied in your clipboard. Product marketing teams love CloudApp.

Better Explainer Videos

Keep your team up-to-date about campaign performance and lead generation. Share screenshots of performance metrics, communicate revisions, and quickly provide feedback on marketing assets. Stop worrying about the hassle of sharing platform login information or ensuring that everyone on your team has the right software. Communicate quickly and effectively.

Improve Internal Collaboration

Use videos, GIFs or annotated screenshots to communicate feedback with the rest of your team. Quickly send an option A and B to choose from, ask for changes with an arrow and a circle on a screenshot or report a bug with a screen recording. Give clear instructions to avoid unnecessary back-and-forth and shorten the feedback loop.

Customer product explainer video

Cut to the chase by directing your customers to what you need to show them, all while keeping information private.

  • Use a GIF as a follow-along tutorial
  • Use an annotated screen capture with arrows and circles to point out details
  • Create a webcam screen recording that walks the customer through the solution to their problem.

CloudApp helps you respond quicker than ever with high-quality content that provides detailed answers. No more back-and-forth over email with wordy explanations that leave room for confusion. Just easy-to-follow content that gives customers the clarity and help that they need, so that they can get back to enjoying your product.

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Product explainer video template

CloudApp has the template you need to quickly record and share a explainer video for your product.