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Create Marketing Collateral with Ease

Learn how you can use CloudApp to improve your marketing strategies and power up your collaboration skills. From annotating screenshots to creating screen recordings, we’ll help increase your productivity.

More Use Cases

See how CloudApp is changing the game with some amazing use cases.

Intercom uses CloudApp to improve communication across global offices
Create marketing collateral, including explainer videos, easily with CloudApp
Visually collaborate with clients and coworkers easily with CloudApp
Customer Success
Develop & grow customer relationships to promote retention and loyalty
Share code visually and collaborate with your coworkers and clients
Customer Support
Close support tickets faster and improve communication with clients using CloudApp
Show off a new feature with a quick video, or capture an idea with a screenshot. Using CloudApp to enhance your product roadmap and design process can have immediate time saving impacts.

How CloudApp Power Users Work

Show Instead of Tell

Create Internal Video Walkthroughs

Blur Sensitive Information

Over 4 million people trust CloudApp