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CloudApp for Sales

Use video to connect with your prospects and close deals faster.

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Stand out with a personal video

In sales, your goal is to deliver your message fast and clear the first time. In the busy world we live in nowadays, your prospects have an attention span of a few seconds only, and it can be difficult to break through a noisy

To survive the competitive environment they operate in, businesses have been creative in dealing with their prospective and existing customers.

How does CloudApp help Sales?

CloudApp is a software solution that powers visual communication through fast and easy video & image sharing.

Create your visuals: an annotated screenshot, a GIF or a video recording. Visuals can be embedded in emails, presentations and docs with one click.

Quickly demo a feature by recording a video. Connect with your prospects on a personal level and answer any questions they might have. Convince and convert in a few clicks. CloudApp can save your team time and increase your conversion rate simultaneously.

CloudApp features

Record your screen

No need to hassle prospects to schedule a demo with you. Send them small GIFs or videos of your most interesting features directly in tools like Outreach or Gmail. Catch their attention and adapt your conversation to their needs without spending hours creating new content.

Answering a question is now as easy as 4 clicks. Don't type a long answer anymore: click on the screen recording icon, just select recorded area, click start, click finish.

Record personalized webcam videos

By using our Record Webcam Video feature, you can create your own personal GIFs & HD videos and embed them in emails.

As Mark Kosoglow, VP of Sales at Outreach says: 'Use CloudApp as a secret nuclear weapon. Sending out a quick GIF to someone that has gone cold, needs a value prop/feature reinforced, etc is working great for us'.

Navigate and share you video using CloudApp securely.

Video & image links are copied to your clipboard and automatically stored in a searchable folder to help you stay organized. Find your content fast with the Visual Search feature (color, size, and even text inside your screenshot).

With CloudApp you can control who sees your content by adding a password or having the link expire depending on time or number of views. Specify who should see your link, how long the link should last, or add a password and then paste your link into any browser or application.

Faster communication internally.

Use screenshots, GIFs and videos instead of long word-only emails to deliver prospects feedback to your Product Team seamlessly.  Overcome the challenge of the asymmetry of technical and sales knowledge between teams.

Use any of our integrations to work efficiently in your favorite app: Slack, Trello, Google Docs, Intercom and more.

Think you could benefit from saving hours of work and avoiding frustrations?

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