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CloudApp for Marketing

Use video to improve your email campaigns and speed up your content creation

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Easily get people's attention

With the average person being exposed to anywhere between 5,000 and 10,000 ads per day, it doesn’t take much to lose your prospects' attention just as quickly as you might capture it.

Marketers have been trying to reach their target customers by using creative means such as adding more visuals to their marketing materials. Creating and adding video to your content doesn't have to be hard. In fact, it can even make your content creation strategy faster!

How does CloudApp help Marketers?

CloudApp is a software solution that powers visual communication through easy video and image sharing. Create your visuals: an annotated screenshot, a GIF or a video recording. Drag, drop, and share them instantly. Visuals can be embedded in emails, CMS, presentations and docs with one click.

Whether you are communicating with internal or external stakeholders, get your message across faster using CloudApp. Visuals are universal !

CloudApp features

Insert visuals into your marketing content

Screenshots and GIFs that are recorded in 3 clicks and inserted by a simple drag & drop, or pasted link.

Reach your audience effectively with more to watch and less to read. Create and share your own tutorial videos using our Screen Recording feature.

Be personal and differentiate yourself.

By using our Record Webcam Video feature, you can create your own personal GIFs & HD video and embed them in emails.

It took us 10 seconds to create this 'sad face' GIF and we saw a 10% increase in click rate for this email campaign. You should give it a try!

Faster communication internally.

Use screenshots, GIFs and videos instead of long word-only emails to deliver feedback to the teammates or agencies you work with. Overcome the challenge of the asymmetry of technical knowledge between teams.

Use any of our integrations to work efficiently in your favorite app: Slack, Trello, Google Docs, Wordpress and more.

Navigate and share your video using CloudApp securely.

Video & image links are copied to your clipboard and automatically stored in a searchable folder to help you stay organized. Find your content fast with the Visual Search feature (color, size, and even text inside your screenshot).

With CloudApp you can control who sees your content by adding a password or having the link expire depending on time or number of views. Specify who should see your link, how long the link should last and just paste it into any application.

Think you could benefit from saving hours of work and avoiding frustrations?

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