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CloudApp for Developers

Report bugs faster with screen recordings, GIFs, or annotated screenshots. Better communication with your product team.

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Get your point across faster with CloudApp

Developers need to communicate what's happening on their screen on a regular basis. Whether with fellow developers or team members working remotely, create and share a wide variety of files: screen recordings, GIFs, annotated screenshots, webcam recordings, code snippets, zip files, and more.

How does CloudApp work?

The clearer the problem, the sooner it can be fixed.

When you take a screenshot or record a GIF, the URL is automatically copied into your clipboard. No more re-opening tabs, windows, and apps to get your message across.

With CloudApp you can:

  • Create a GIF or screen recording to capture a bug.
  • Share an annotated screenshot to easily explain code changes.
  • Drag and drop a wide range of files, from visual, documents, code snippets, to audio, large files, zip archives and more.
  • Control who sees screenshots or GIFs of your code, revisions, and pull requests with secure settings.
  • Capture anything on your screen, anywhere: Browser and OS agnostic.
  • Share your GIF, screenshot or video directly in JIRA, Trello, Slack.
  • Access analytics for all uploaded files. See number of views, file history, and session duration.

Higher efficiency in Bug Reporting

Developers can focus in one place without leaving an application.

CloudApp eliminates the extra steps by letting you embed annotated screenshots and GIFs directly into a pull request. Simply click on the CloudApp link to instantly grasp where a bug occurred.

  • No need to explain through confusing messages or phone calls.
  • Skip the hassle of opening pull requests, downloading code, and running applications locally to figure out what went wrong.

How CloudApp fits into bug reporting

You just finished a sprint in the development process. Next comes user testing to determine the code’s usability, functionality and whether the latest iteration will work. Until, someone finds a bug.

Our customers use CloudApp to capture the bug with a screen-recorded GIF or video to display how and when the bug occurred. With CloudApp’s built-in annotation feature, they use text, arrows, and shapes to add detailed context to their work. The GIF is uploaded and CloudApp lets you smoothly share it with any application you are using, like Trello or JIRA for example. Instead of requiring you to exit and download a pull request, you can watch the GIF without ever leaving the application.

Stay organized

Find your files in one comprehensive web dashboard called “My CloudApp.” Store, search, and organize all of them!

File links are copied to the clipboard and automatically stored in a searchable folder to help you stay organized. Find files fast with our Visual Search feature. Use visual attributes to help you quickly locate files via color, size, and even images or text included in your screenshot.

Security with CloudApp

Protect Your Files with Privacy Feature

Control who sees your work, and for how long.

With CloudApp you can control who sees your content by adding a password or having the link expire depending on time or number of views. Click “settings” next to your content. Specify who should see your link, how long the link should last, or add a password and then paste your link into any browser or application.


Also available to you:

  • AWS storage integration lets you store your content on personal servers
  • IP restriction & Access Logs
  • User Provisioning and deprovisioning through authentication provider
  • Group Level Management to grant access to customized groups for customizable time duration
  • Ask us about enabling SAML/SSO if your company uses OneLogin, Google Apps, or OKTA


Speed up the development process by up to 300% with CloudApp. Integrated with top developer platforms, CloudApp is the easiest way to communicate online. You can try it now with our free CloudApp account, or jump on a free trial if you want to give our premium features a try.

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