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CloudApp for Designers

CloudApp lets Designers give and get feedback in seconds.

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Speed up your creative process

The ability to take a bare bones concept from idea to execution can be a strenuous process, start to finish. Yet designers are doing it everyday.

But what if there were a way to make that process even faster? From brainstorming to final review, CloudApp lets you collaborate throughout the entire creation process.

How does CloudApp help Designers?

CloudApp is a software solution that powers visual communication through easy video and image sharing. Show your work with an annotated screenshot, a GIF or a video recording. Drag, drop, and share them instantly. Visuals can be embedded in emails, presentations or any tool you are using during your feedback loop.

Whether you are communicating with internal or external stakeholders, quickly share your latest design using CloudApp. 

CloudApp features

Show your latest design.

You have a first draft ready and would like to show it to your team? Usually they don't have access to the design tools you are using. Simply record your screen while playing the animation or showing your work.

A link is automatically copied in your clipboard and ready to share in any tool you are using to collaborate.

Ask for clear feedback.

By annotating a screenshot or GIF, you can clarify what kind of feedback you are looking for. You can also explain the context of your creation.

Tunneling the conversation avoids long feedback loops or inefficient meetings.

Stay in your favorite tools.

Use any of our integrations to work efficiently in your favorite app: Slack, Sketch, Trello, Google Docs and more.

Exporting from Sketch is as easy as a link copied into your clipboard. Paste the link in Slack and it will automatically show your screenshot or start playing your GIF.

Navigate and share you video using CloudApp securely.

Video & image links are copied to your clipboard and automatically stored in a searchable folder to help you stay organized. Find your content fast with the Visual Search feature (color, size, and even text inside your screenshot).

With CloudApp you can control who sees your content by adding a password or having the link expire depending on time or number of views. Specify who should see your link, how long the link should last and just paste it into any application.

Think you could benefit from saving hours of work and avoiding frustrations?

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