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CloudApp for Customer Support

Use video and visuals to improve your Customer Support and save your team time.

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Great Customer Support is Key to Success

With advanced technologies and increased competition, it is often not easy to retain customers or gain their loyalty. Providing great customer experience is crucial to your business’s success. 

Studies prove that customer experience has a huge effect on future sales and that unsatisfied customers are expensive due to their demanding requests.

How does CloudApp help Customer Support professionals?

CloudApp is a software solution that powers visual communication through fast and easy visual sharing. Create your visuals: an annotated screenshot, a GIF or a screen video recording. Visuals can be embedded in ticketing systems (like Zendesk, Service Cloud, and ServiceNow), emails, presentations and docs with one click.

Create clearer and more personal messages using CloudApp. Close tickets faster and get happier customers.

CloudApp features

Annotate Screenshots

Cut to the chase by directing your customers to what you need to show them, all while keeping private information private. With our annotation shortcut and blurring feature, open an editing screen immediately after a screenshot. You can also be creative and answer questions with a How-to-GIF.

Record personalized webcam videos

By using our Record Webcam Video feature, you can create your own personal GIFs & HD videos and embed them in emails.

As Darcy from Buffer's Customer Care Team says, interacting on a personal level with customers make them feel heard and remove any potential tension.

Integrations with solutions you already use

We offer integrations with Zendesk, Trello + JIRA, Slack and more. This is a great way to make sure your customers understand your explanation right away. No time wasted opening different tabs or apps, looking through your files on your desktop. Everything is stored securely in the Cloud and can be shared with your customers and team.

Check out how easy it is to insert a GIF into a Zendesk ticket.

Record your screen

A couple keyboard strokes will enable our screen record feature. Choose to record a GIF or an HD video. with HD video recordings you can also record your webcam + audio, along with your screen. '

Once you’re done, CloudApp uploads the video for you and copies a link to your clipboard so you can quickly paste anywhere—email, chat, or support ticket

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