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The Comprehensive Guide to Remote Work

Everything you need to know about remote work including how to manage a remote team, remote work tools you should use, planning for remote teams, and more.

What is Remote Work?

Remote work is one of the biggest trends to change how today’s employees, contractors, and freelancers do their work. With the rise of remote collaboration tools, high speed internet from practically anywhere, and a digital native workforce, we are seeing more and more companies and individuals capitalize on all remote work has to offer. However, in order to do remote work, you will probably have to change your workflow.

If you’ve never worked remotely, it can seem pretty daunting. And working with those who don’t know how to communicate with remote workers can also be pretty frustrating. Luckily, we’ve got you covered! From trends to tools to teams, our comprehensive list of resources will help you tackle the challenges of remote work and enable you to work and communicate effectively, however you might use remote work.

Prefer to watch?

We’ll walk you through all of the resources in this remote work guide with a quick video that a CloudApp employee made while working remotely. Pretty cool, huh?


7 Trends Shaping Remote and Collaborative Work

With the rise of online collaboration, visual communication, and younger generations joining the workforce, remote work has become an increasingly attractive option for employees and employers alike. But much like the digital world is changing faster than most people can keep up with, so are remote work trends. Check out our article on the seven trends shaping remote and collaborative work. And just maybe your coworkers will start calling you trendy!


12 Must-Have Remote Tools

‍In today’s world of endless tools and gadgets, finding the right software can feel like we’re on Tinder. Luckily, we’ve combed through dozens of potential suitors, or um, tools that remote workers use and came up with a top 12 must-have list of tools for every remote worker. Whether you need to take notes, organize your tasks, or send your boss a screen recording we’ve got you covered. The days of dating software are over!

Succeed at Remote Work with CloudApp

While CloudApp is used in lots of situations and by lots of users, one of the most common uses of our product is remote work. With the ability to send your thoughts, annotations, and visual edits to whoever has internet access, this is the perfect tool for every remote worker. No need to rely on pointless meetings (that’s why we work remotely, right?) and endless emails, use CloudApp today and free yourself to work how you want to.
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Remote Team Communication Guide

With how relatively new remote work is to modern business, communicating as a team can sometimes feel like talking to your kindergarten pals through a tin can telephone. But this is the 21st century! Take at a look at this resource for some pointers on how you can move from kindergarten tin cans to next-level corporate communication.

How to Run Effective Remote Meetings

Let’s be honest, meetings can be a huge waste of time if not planned correctly. Check out our tips on running effective remote meetings so your coworkers still want to exchange funny GIFs on Slack by the end of the meeting and not angry emails with HR. Remote work isn’t nearly as fun without GIFs, trust us.