The Best Mac Screenshot Tool

Looking for a mac screenshot tool equivalent which copy and pastes screenshots plus a whole lot more? Put the power in your hands with CloudApp’s desktop screenshot tool.

Screen recording software for Mac, Windows, Chrome, and iOS

The Essential Screenshot Tool for Mac

CloudApp makes the process of copying, pasting and sharing a screenshot on mac simple. Once a screenshot has been captured, anyone can share screenshots, GIFs, and images with the drag and drop feature.

So before you reach for Command + Shift + 4, consider a mac screenshot tool equivalent that not only streamlines screenshot pasting by shaving minutes off of the process, but also stores your screenshots for easy sharing in the cloud.

Copy and Paste Screenshots on a Apple Mac Desktop

Capturing screenshots on your desktop is a faster and more efficient form of communication than typing out lengthy emails to get your point across. Complex details can also be made simple by sharing visuals to showcase key points and get feedback from others. You just need the best snipping tool for mac.

CloudApp allows Mac users to capture, copy and paste anything on their screen in high quality formats, including annotated screenshots, GIFs, and even HD video, producing content which lives on a secure URL link, is infinitely shareable, and collaborative.

CloudApp Video Screen Recording Feature

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