Free Screen Recorder

Record your screen as a video with your voice & face, an annotated image, or a GIF and instantly share it as a link to get your point across.

Screen recording software for Mac, Windows, Chrome, and iOS

Skip your next meeting, send a video instead

Whether you know it yet or not, screen recording and sharing is the quickest and most effective way to communicate between teams and clients, no matter what type of business you’re in.

CloudApp’s screen recorder doesn’t require a tutorial. It’s intuitive and incredibly easy to use.

Save time with video

Do you have trouble explaining products and features? There is a communication hindrance we all have in common in our day to day lives of trying to explain an issue, describe a feature or enlighten someone with a solution, when we don’t have the words to convey our meaning. With CloudApp’s innovative screen recorder with audio, you can capture your screen with audio to show or explain exactly what you are thinking faster and more accurately than you ever could with text.

CloudApp Video Screen Recording Feature

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