Talking with Vahagn Sarksyan Head of Marketing at Krisp on the modern workplace

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Krisp is fitting seamlessly into the remote workplace during this time and is changing the way teams interact. In this episode, Vahagn Sarksyan, Head of Marketing at Krisp, and I talk through the characteristics of the modern workplace, how asynchronous tools can help distributed workforces and remote teams during this time, and why an ounce of kindness can change an employee’s day.

Krisp is an artificial intelligence startup based out of the Greater San Francisco Area. Krisp’s AI-powered noise canceling technology recognizes and removes background noise in calls in real-time, leaving only a clean human voice. 

Vahgan Sarksyan is the Marketing Director at Krisp. Prior to his time at Krisp, he was the Head of Marketing at Snapptripp and the Marketing Director at Noavaran Tahghigh in Tehran, Iran.