Talking with Sarah Dudley marketer for IBM on how the IoT can improve customer experience

December 23, 2019
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The Internet of Things is all the rage. With more and more "smart devices" coming out, how can businesses utilize these as a way to better connect with their employees and customers? In this episode, I sit down with Sarah Dudley, a Marketing Manager at IBM, to discuss this. Sarah hones in on the importance of one single customer experience and how marketing strategies are very human focused now. 

IBM is a global technology company based in Armonk, New York that conducts research, produces and sells computer hardware/middleware/software, and provides consulting services in many areas including mainframe computers and nanotechnology. Some products include server hardware, storage-area network hardware, IBM Cognos Analytics, and Global Business and Technology Services.

Sarah Dudley is currently a Senior Product Marketing Manager at IBM and an Executive Director at Boston Content. Prior to her time at IBM and Boston Content, she worked as a Marketing Contractor and Corporate Resident at Travelzoo, Hasbro, and GE Aviation.