Talking with Ram Jambunathan, SVP and Managing Director of

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With 10 + years at SAP leading strategic and go to market teams, Ram Jambunathan has learned what it takes to scale a global enterprise business. He also leads a division focused on accelerating early-stage startups. As an investor in CloudApp, we are excited to talk today both about customer experience and how CloudApp is providing its Pro and Team products to accelerators like to help early-stage startups communicate more effectively. is a venture capital and private equity firm based out of San Francisco, CA. Through their own Fund and Foundries, they support visionary startups that leverage SAP’s data, APIs, and technologies to build products, find customers, and change industries, to ultimately transform the way businesses are run. 

Ram Jambunathan is the Senior Vice President and Head of Corporate Strategy at SAP where he leads a team responsible for developing and aligning long-term strategy across SAP organizational areas through a combination of enterprise software and structured problem-solving. As the Managing Director, he is responsible for investing in and accelerating startup innovation. Prior to his time at SAP, he was an independent Strategy Consultant and Co-founded T-Networks.