Talking with Founder/CEO of Commande Tom Uebel on having a customer led company

September 9, 2020
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Command E is a blazing fast search tool that can lead to instant satisfaction and productivity. As the CEO and Founder, Tom Eubel has learned a lot about creating a product that can provide instant value and reach a wide audience. Today we talk through how he has been able to foster that culture and lead in the modern workplace. We also dig into the exciting new features for Command E. 

Command E is a startup based in San Francisco, CA that has created an easy keyboard shortcut to open any document, contact, file, or record from the cloud. The shortcut interacts with over 20 apps that are instantly searchable without digging through tabs or searching multiple systems. 

Tom Uebel is the Co-Founder and CEO at Command E. Prior to his time at Command E, Tom was a Software Engineer at First Round Capital where he worked with a small, fast-moving team that built software to support internal First Round Operations and the broader First Round community of 300+ companies. Before First Round Capital, he was a Software Engineer at UniversityNow where he contributed to the cutting edge learning platform, led integration of analytics, and built dashboards to track KPIs.