Talking with former lead at Yelp and Dribbble Nicole Warshauer on growth, content, and Disneyland

February 14, 2020
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Yelp and Dribbble are fantastic brands at creating a community feel and a whole bunch of content. Nicole Warshauer takes us into the front lines of how these things are key for creating an experience and long term loyalty. She stresses the importance of distilling the process down to knowing your customer and their problems to make them feel welcomed. Nicole also takes us through the slow shift towards remote working with Gen-Z and millennials.

Trusted Health is a software company based in San Francisco, CA that focuses on creating resources and support systems to help nurses advance their careers and connect with each other. They have developed a completely digital and automated networking application that allows nurses to view available jobs and opportunities in real time with contract details and pay breakdowns upfront. 

Nicole Warshauer is the Head of Community Marketing at Trusted Health. Prior to her time at Trusted Health, she worked at Dribbble where she was the Director of Brand Communications and focused on ensuring a designer-first focus for the Dribbble brand, guided social media, shored up marketing efforts, and shaped content. She was also the Regional Marketing Director in the Greater Chicago Area at Yelp where she hired, trained, and led a team of community managers responsible for user growth and outreach. She also managed contention creation, editorial direction, and assignment for the Yelp Community Blog.